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in not wanting dh to watch dodgey horror movies with the carers

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misdee · 17/04/2007 10:57


i'm joking, but my goodness. he is into trashy tacky zone horror films. and some of them are very near to the mark, one carer asdked him if he was watching porn pmsl!

i dont want him to scare them off, so far they have all watched them with him, but i dunno. too many tits i nsome films lol

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LilRedWG · 17/04/2007 10:57

LOL - at least he's having gun


LilRedWG · 17/04/2007 10:57

Or even fun!


fannyannie · 17/04/2007 10:59

misdee - they aren't the ones on Sci-Fi channel are they - we saw the first part of a ridiculous one the other night that could easily have been mistaken for porn if you'd come in at some points LOL.


fryalot · 17/04/2007 11:00

just have a quiet word with them beforehand and tell them its a symptom and they'll put up with any amount of tits and monsters!


misdee · 17/04/2007 11:00

some on sci fi, some on zone horror.

all seem to have some kind of shagging or bare boobs in them.

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fannyannie · 17/04/2007 11:02

I bet he watched "Tromeo and Juliet" the other night - that was an awful movie - I gave up after 1/2hr - DH made it for 3/4hr - lots of boobs and sex, and......well just plain wierd.......think I prefer his UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) on Bravo to that stuff LOL.


misdee · 17/04/2007 11:03

i dont know. he watched some wierd film where the guy was going back in time and then went too far dforward.

'scarred'? teenagers getting slaughtered in the woods.

loads and loads of them.

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misdee · 17/04/2007 11:09

i think tomorrow he will be watching humanoids from the deep-scienctific experiments back fire and produce horrific mutations, half man and half fish which terroise a small fishing village.

i am putting bets there will be tits in there somewhere.

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