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in saying that some of you are taking far too much notice of books/scientific studies/Kate Moss/Mumsnet to ACTUALLY rear your children?

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UCM · 15/04/2007 23:36

Well, am I?

OP posts:

chocolateface · 15/04/2007 23:39

Well, what about you, UCM?


Carmenere · 15/04/2007 23:39

I blame modern conveniences, washing machines and such-like. I mean if we didn't have so much spare time on our hands to be filling up our silly heads with all this nonsense


MamaMaiasaura · 15/04/2007 23:39

are you bored?


Mhamai · 15/04/2007 23:40

Ooh and you were doing so well until you mentioned Mumsnet!


llareggub · 15/04/2007 23:40

or maybe a little playful?


hunkermunker · 15/04/2007 23:40

Name names, UCM


RustyBear · 15/04/2007 23:41

Well some of us have almost finished rearing their children - I realised the other day that I will only officially have 'children' for another 10 months - then DD will be 18.


Mhamai · 15/04/2007 23:42

Hey hunker, you do realise that you are coming dangerously close to being called hwhomustnotbementioned!


hunkermunker · 15/04/2007 23:42

I am?!


Mhamai · 15/04/2007 23:44


DrMarthaMcMoo · 15/04/2007 23:44

Awww, you've made me all nostalgic for old Lav. Do you remember when the last Harry Potter book came out and she slated everyone who'd finished it quickly saying they must be neglecting their children? She was a funny old stick, that one.


dumbymummy · 15/04/2007 23:45

You're right, hunker. Go for it, girl.
[bids a hasty retreat].


Brandyanddietcoke · 15/04/2007 23:46

Hey UCM are you a troll? (Just learned what it means )


UCM · 15/04/2007 23:46

I think it's true. I have been with lots of other parents of perfectly happy kids this weekend. When I mention this, that or t'other about what I have read, they looked at me blankly like I was mad. Watching their perfectly happy kids running around, I was inclined to agree.

OP posts:

littlelapin · 15/04/2007 23:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chocabloc · 15/04/2007 23:48

cudnt give a shit what they do! I raise my ds how i can being single, and a student that is broke and pushed for time! If i had money like kate moss, i would most prob do a bit of coke on the sly? Does she actually look afta her child! and fuk scientology dose ne1 actually care, what odd bods!

Oh and i do have an annabella karmel cookbokk, which i looked at once, experimental parenting and cookery suits me fine!

Took ds to theatre tday, and ice cream afta, and yest picnic with freinds, nxt wknd, im out to get mashed! Lucky to not be a celeb prying in my buisness when im too tired to hoover heee or have a bath xx


UCM · 15/04/2007 23:49

Just using media language and taking the piss to be honest rabbit.

OP posts:

Mhamai · 15/04/2007 23:49

Anything is possible on MN! Anything!


hunkermunker · 15/04/2007 23:49

But why does reading stuff mean you're not rearing your children? [puzzled]

I do a lot of reading in the evenings, when they're asleep. I work full time. The boys still recognise me, they're happy, well-adjusted, well-fed, well-behaved. They have a well-read mother. Surely that's a benefit, not something to criticise? [baffled]


Mhamai · 15/04/2007 23:50

Oops x poost, that was to litleapin.


Mhamai · 15/04/2007 23:51



UCM · 15/04/2007 23:52

Awwww Hunk, I meant reading too many text books and taking too many ideas from here, not about breast feeding I PROMISE because I didn't but just in general. I get so het up about stuff because I have read a book or read it on here and when I speak to Mums who don't have MN or whom are older, they look at me in disbelief.....and they ARE the ones who have fantastically healthy children with no allergies or problems running aruond.

OP posts:

Mhamai · 15/04/2007 23:54

I'm often slightly of the Mn'rs who seem to be able to do it all. Then again I'm a single mum doing a degree so not nearly as much time to Mn as I'd like but that's probably not a bad thing.


UCM · 15/04/2007 23:54

I think what I mean is that you can have

'too much information' sometimes!

OP posts:

chocabloc · 15/04/2007 23:54

oh actually i argued with my lecture a few weeks back as i dont belive in parenting classes, i learnt alot form books as a new parent, but it is experimental, you can use books for reassurance!

Like now my ds keeps pooing himself, even when we were in the toilet today, grr! he used to tell me he wantd to go, no i have to just take him, have chats stickers etc, nothing helps, i would consult the web or books for this?
And does nebody actualy know if i sholud be not using nappies at night on my 2nhalf ds, he wears pants during the day, but wees at night, even tho he goes b4 bed and i limit drink before bed! been meaning to sort this out just let it slide! SOORRY I KNOW THIS IS NOT A POTTY TRAINING THREAD![BLUSH]

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