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To expect the woman from jobcentre plus NOT to eat crisps whilst I am on the phone to her

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sheepgomeep · 11/04/2007 15:31

I was a bit peeved to be honest. I phoned up with an enquiry regarding incapacity benefit and she proceeded to munch crisps and talk with her mouth full whilst she found all my details on the computer. She was also so busy eating that she typed in my details wrong and got the wrong end of the stick twice.

She was perfectly pleasant otherwise but I just think its bad manners to deal with members of the public and eat at the same time. Or is just me?

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littleducks · 11/04/2007 15:36

call centres thats what they do (basis of malteasers ad campaign), just be grateful she didnt put you on hold, eat and leave you waiting for her to finish


Spagblog · 11/04/2007 15:36

Very poor...Clearly needs better training!


Troutpout · 11/04/2007 15:44

lol...that would be me...cant resist a bag of smoky bacon!
I sometimes have to sort of suck the crisps first to make them soft so the person the other end doesn't know i'm eating while talking to them.

Yes ...ahem...damn rude
will stop doing it henceforth


sheepgomeep · 11/04/2007 16:28

troutpout having to suck the crisps first lol, I should have suggested to that to her!!

I really wouldn't have minded so much, she just got my details wrong and clearly wasn't listening, she was munching too loud

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