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But There are sooo many AIBU threads !

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HunieBuniesBack · 07/04/2007 23:37

Is it because of the time of the year? Or because it is school hols?

My problem is that I love reading all the gripes so my time spent on MN is increasing with every thread!

OP posts:

HunieBuniesBack · 07/04/2007 23:50

Am I being unreasonable to expect someone to reply to my thread?

OP posts:

Oxygen · 07/04/2007 23:52

They are about regardless of the time of year.

Did we have AIBU at christmas? I'm thinking there will be a surge them, and towards the end of the summer holidays!


elasticbandstand · 07/04/2007 23:54

ah but it is s tempting, am i being unresonable, oooh i must think of something!


Mamalennon · 08/04/2007 20:21

Oooh sorry, I've just done another one!!


tinkerbellhadpiles · 08/04/2007 20:22

Yes totally unreasonable, go to the naughty step

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