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to think its wrong to leave your 7yr old dd and her 18mo sister outside the bookies while you play on fruit machines?

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divastrop · 05/04/2007 21:17

i have seen the toddler left outside asleep in her pram on her own for at least 10 minutes(how long i was in the shop next door for)while the mum played on the fruit machine as well.i do leave ds1(9) or dd1(8) to keep an eye on the lo's outside a shop while i nip in for milk or something now and again,but it seems totally wrong to me to leave your children outside a bookies so you can gamble?
i dont know the mum personally but her dd goes to the same school as mine.

OP posts:

354kidz · 05/04/2007 21:26

oh my god!!!!!


SherlockLGJ · 05/04/2007 21:27


She must be really addicted.


maisym · 05/04/2007 21:29

don't think it ok to leave her kid like that - but the gambling is her business.


Lullabunnyloo · 05/04/2007 21:31


maximummummy · 05/04/2007 21:34

well you wouldn't want to take a baby in the bookies with you


Mamalennon · 05/04/2007 21:34

Very very sad


divastrop · 05/04/2007 21:35

i just thought that if you want to go smoewhere you cant take kids then really you should get a babysitter.i mean,its like leaving your kids outside the pub so you can have a drink or something.

OP posts:

ELF1981 · 05/04/2007 21:38

I feel sorry for the kids
I dont even like leaving dd in the car when I go pay for petrol, and the other day I parked up outside an ATM at Tesco metro to get some money out, only gone two mins and she was howling when I got back (she's 18 months) so no way would she be happy if I left her for 10 minutes


powder28 · 05/04/2007 21:49

Were they giving you baby evils?


PickledSmeg · 09/08/2022 12:38

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