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...To NOT want to step in GREENIES and other such FLOB all over the pavements?

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LadyOfTheFlowers · 04/04/2007 22:42

It makes me retch. I actually heaved today whilst out with kids. Tears streaming and everything.
I can't think of a more disgusting habit. There is absolutely NO excuse for it!
Rant over.

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Boco · 04/04/2007 22:43

Gosh i misread that thread and thought greeny had been flobbing on the pavement.

Quite agree though.


harpsichordcarrier · 04/04/2007 22:47

god I quite agree it is so disgusting. makes me heave too.


LadyOfTheFlowers · 04/04/2007 22:49

lol at greeny flobbing on pavement!
oh god, it makes me mad as just lately they seem to need to hockit up as they are actually passing me too, as if i would be impressed or something?

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Hilllary · 04/04/2007 22:49

Sorry for being dim but what are Greenies?


LadyOfTheFlowers · 04/04/2007 22:50

phlegm (sp?)
gob and spit and filth

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MissTFied · 04/04/2007 22:50

It really is disgusting. We drove past a man in his sixties today who I saw had just put a finger to one nostril and snorted its contents onto the pavement. I was in the middle of saying to my dp 'oh my god, that man...' when he then emptied the other side of nose onto the street. Absolutely filthy! I thought only footballers did that. I am glad we take off our shoes when we come into our house. Have people no shame? Eurgh!


LadyOfTheFlowers · 04/04/2007 22:51

misst. i have seen that too, but it wasnt from an old 'gent'.

OP posts:

lionheart · 04/04/2007 22:51

One of my abiding memories of the crappy school I went to is walking into a classroom and seeing the gob flying everywhere (the boys seemed to think it cool). It glistens in the sunlight, in case you wondered.

It is repulsive. And not conducive to a positive learning experience.

Why do footballers do it all the time? They must know they will end up sliding in the stuff.


Hilllary · 04/04/2007 22:53

earh yuck, those disease spreaders.

SO not unreasonable!!!

Discusting, filthy creatures


BadHair · 04/04/2007 22:56

Was only thinking the same myself earlier today when a Vicky Pollard-alike strolled out in front of my car and gobbed nonchalantly on the pavement. Yuk.


LadyOfTheFlowers · 04/04/2007 22:57

they do it like it is normal dont they?!
slack jawed faggots!

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