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To suggest that DH seeks a new job

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grouchyoscar · 04/04/2007 16:30

Dh is lovely but easily led

We've been together for 16 years, he works in an 'industry' that has never grown up. Hell it's fun but ephemoral, like a soap bubble, pretty and wonderful when there but it can be gone quickly and there is no substance behind it. it can be very here today, gone tomorrow and there is nothing to back it up.

It was OK when there was just 2 of us but now there is DS to consider. In the 4 years since my pg and motherhood, DS has changed bosses 3 times.

I am a sahm as it's not worth me working atm. I also have a long term health issue. It was fine when I could temp etc but that's just not an option atm.I intend to return to work when DS is at full time school.

DH hasn't been paid for last months work, my savings are keeping us solvent but they will not last forever. I have paid large bills and the overdraft in the past. We have a mortgage, utilities, insurances and pensions to pay. There is little if anything for disposable income.

I feel I hould be able to strongly suggest that DS considers exploring a new area to use his considerable skills in. One with say sick pay and overtime payments etc. One where he gets paid on day X and it happens. Not unreasonable is it?

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compo · 04/04/2007 16:31

You can suggest but not demand


grouchyoscar · 04/04/2007 16:34

Hell, I'd never demand but I think I've got enough bargaining chips to suggest that enough is enough.

OP posts:

batters · 04/04/2007 17:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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