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to expect DH to just get a grip, stop moaning and bring me some sodding flowers for once!

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fairydust2407 · 04/04/2007 13:58

Ok, this is basically just a rant. I probably am being unreasonable but I really need to just get this out of my system before i go insane.

It's DS first birthday today and I'm so excited. DH can't stop moaning about having a cold and started snapping at me this morning when I asked him to pass another parcel over for DS to "open". When I then told him to stop moaning and start enjoying his son's birthday I get told I'm a selfish cow.

On the whole man flu thing: we've all been floored by bugs ever since DS started nursery a month ago. We did all have proper flu at one point, so I don't mind DH taking to his bed when it's proper flu, but when he comes home every night from working moaning about being "in agony" and how his bones ache and he feels crap....well, I'm starting to lose patience. I have a cold too but I have no choice. DS still needs my attention and clean clothes and hot meals and if I don't work I don't get paid (I freelance). I just want to shake DH and tell him to get over it!!!!! Millions of people have babies, work long hours and have bills to worry about. We are not unique!!!!!

As for the flowers, I should just give up on that one and go and buy myself a huge bouquet. DH is immune to hints now.

While I'm on a roll, just want to have a quick moan about mother's day as well. I didn't get a long lie, despite heavy hints, DH didn't make a fuss over me and I feel thoroughly cheated. It was my first mother's day and I was really excited about it. Daft I know, but there you go.

If you've made it this far, you deserve a reward. Completely self-indulgent moan I know, but just had to get it out of my system.

Right, think I'll go order myself some flowers now.....

OP posts:

dmo · 04/04/2007 14:13

why do u need flowers? is it cause its dc's birthday?
i didnt get anything for mothers day not even a card as dh said i'm not his mother (no but i am the mother of your 2 children)
but i did get a massive bunch of flowers and wine for our wedding annivery on 31.3.07 and i got dh nothing


fairydust2407 · 04/04/2007 14:19

I want flowers just because I think I deserve them! (or in other words because I'm a spoilt brat!). I was promised a huge bunch exactly one year ago...and I'm still waiting. I think DH ruined it for himself in the first couple of years we were together. He bought me pressies all the time and I was never without flowers. Just nostalgic for those days. I love surprises and no-one ever gives me surprise pressies anymore. I feel some retail therapy may be in order.....

OP posts:

raspberryberet · 04/04/2007 14:23

I buy my own flowers - I gave up expecting them long ago, plus I don't expect him to be able to read my mind and know when I'd like some!

At least when I buy my own I get something nice, not a bunch of forlorn-looking carnations that were the only thing left at the supermarket.

It does sound though as if your complaint is more about other things in your relationship than it is about flowers.


kittywaitsfornumber6 · 04/04/2007 14:24

I'd go and buy yourself some


compo · 04/04/2007 14:27

It's probably the expectation of the first birthday - the day isn't living up to the anticipation so everyone is feeling a bit grumpy. Birthdays tend to go that way...

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