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to keep neighbour's toys

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NoodleStroodle · 02/04/2007 19:36

We have just had work done in the garden and I have asked that our neighbour tries to keep her children from throwing toys over wall for next few weeks whilst garden establishes. This is not the odd football - I have just cleared up over 30 items including rocks, boule, cricket bat and assorted plastic toys. I took them around in a black sack and explained again why I would really appreciate it if stuff did not keep coming over. DH says we should keep everything and hand back in few weeks time. Do we hang on to them or keep giving them back - do not want to fall out with neighbour.

OP posts:

MerlinsBeard · 02/04/2007 19:39

Hang on to it until they ask for it


edam · 02/04/2007 19:40

Sounds as if your neighbour is a pain in the bum - did you consider getting a much higher fence?


Imawurzelcoveredinchocolate · 02/04/2007 19:41

Agree. Hang on to it for few weeks.
Kids will realise when they got no toys left.


gigglinggoblin · 02/04/2007 19:41

leave it out there and wait til they come and ask, then tell them to pick it up.


ChasingRabbits · 02/04/2007 19:44

yup, agree with gg. and shout at them if they tread on the plants while doing it.


NoodleStroodle · 02/04/2007 19:50

Can't leave out there becuase squashing plants and will make brown patches on lawn. I think I will collect up and give back in few weeks. Just wanted to check I wasn't being mean vindictive bag

OP posts:

MerlinsBeard · 02/04/2007 19:51

or wait until its dark and chuck them all over their garden


Ponka · 02/04/2007 19:53

Keep it until they ask but do give it back when they do. I have an elderly relative who got so annoyed with kids throwing things in his garden that he didn't give them back when asked. In the end, the police ended up getting involved and he got a caution!


NoodleStroodle · 02/04/2007 20:21

Ponka - Note to self - Don't take the plastic toys thing too far! LOL

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