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In finding Tracey Beaker hideously irritating?

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Caligula · 29/03/2007 16:03

And wondering if I ought to ban the kids from watching it?

I know I know, I'm reminding myself of all those adults who didn't like Grange Hill in the eighties and thought Top of the Pops was a bad influence.

But oh, it's painful

OP posts:

allieBongo · 29/03/2007 16:03

it's a pile of ole shite. they just snarl at each other all the time


TinyGang · 29/03/2007 16:05

I always switch it off and the children don't seem interested in it.

It seems a bit too adult and gritty the times we've ever watched some of it.


NuttyMuffins · 29/03/2007 16:06

I think it's good, both dd's like it and Dd1 is going to see the stage show with the school.


GameGirly · 29/03/2007 16:08

Can't stand it. But then I can't stand any Jacqueline Wilson nonsense and have confiscated all DD's books. Mind you, marginally better than the Princess Diaries [email protected]


spudmasher · 29/03/2007 16:09

My DDs are very keen on it.
DD1 was given a dvd for christmas and it is OK for her as she is older. She knows right from wrong and tuts at the silliness and mildly abusive language.

DD2 has less sense of right and wrong, however and has been known to wander the house canting "Life's a bitch."

From Tracy Beaker.
Should have previewed dvd first but it seemed fairly innocuous.


NuttyMuffins · 29/03/2007 16:10

What is so wrong with it ??

As I said, both dd's have always watched it and neither of them do anything like the things she gets up to so it really doesn't bother me.


powder28 · 29/03/2007 16:11

I quite like it. That girl is in a sitcom with nicholas lyndhurst, now thats really bad!


spudmasher · 29/03/2007 16:11


NuttyMuffins · 29/03/2007 16:12

Haven't got any yet, have a doc's appointment tommorow so thought i'd ask her for something first, save me paying £6 for it.

Have reccomended it to another friend who was having the same prob though and she noticed and improvment already.


spudmasher · 29/03/2007 16:15

Back to Tracy Beaker.....


powder28 · 29/03/2007 16:17

Whats that sitcom called? Does anyone know? My dh watches it and finds it funny! I ahve to remind him its not funny, not funny at all


NuttyMuffins · 29/03/2007 16:18

After you've gone I think it's called.


Blandmum · 29/03/2007 16:18

I hate it. hate the books too, mind you, others of JWs books are even worse

I discourage them


powder28 · 29/03/2007 16:22

Thats the one!
Yeah, Tracy Beaker is ok. I find her characer quite likeable. I imagine if stacey from eastenders had a long lost sister, that might be her


scotlou · 29/03/2007 16:23

My dd thinks it's great and wants to be "cool like Tracy Beaker". I hate it.


geekgrrl · 29/03/2007 16:26

oh, I hate it, it really affects dd1's behaviour. I think I'd started a thread about it quite a while ago - dd1 really mimics the behaviour and attitude.
She's read all the JW books the school library has to offer unfortunately.

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