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to expect school to inform us if they want us to make Easter Bonnets for their parade rather than hear it as playground gossip?

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dollybird · 29/03/2007 14:58

I am not making a bonnet btw and I don't care what anyone says - if we're expected to make something for a 4 year old to wear at school I expect to be asked. We have had a letter stating that 'Our Annual Easter Bonnet Parade will take place during assembly on the last day of term' 'The children will have the opportunity to parade in their bonnets, no matter how simple or intricate, and be admired by all'. We received this letter on Tuesday so not much notice even if that was a request for us to make one!

OP posts:

serenity · 29/03/2007 15:03

I would assume from that letter that they were making them in school tbh. Are you sure that isn't what they are doing, and the gossip is just that (usual chinese whispers in the playground type thing?)


dollybird · 29/03/2007 15:05

I asked DS if they were making bonnets in school and he said 'no' but you know how reliable kids of that age are about what they're doing at school! DH said everyone was talking in the playground about making their bonnets and asked me to get some stuff after work. I said no way! We got the letter on Tuesday - hardly a lot of notice!f

OP posts:

Psycho · 29/03/2007 15:07

Bloody Easterbonnets.

I spent 2hrs making on yesterday.

AS if I have nothing else to do.

Tis very good though...would have only taken 20minutes if I weren't so competitive!!

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