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TAAT: Proud to be Welsh but most don't seem to want "Welsh" things

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Wenglishisfab · 02/08/2017 23:02

I've started a new account for this but am a long time MN poster.

And I know I'm going to get flamed.

Reading the Enjoying being Welsh thread (and other things on social media) it strikes me that most people born and bred in Wales are proud to be Welsh. But, and it may be a small minority, most posters seem to feel that Welsh speakers seem to have a monopoly on being Welsh - just because they speak Welsh makes them superior to non Welsh speakers etc.

On the other hand, government plans to introduce Welsh history and culture into non Welsh medium schools, and wanting to increase the numbers of Welsh speakers is seen as forcing Welsh down everyone's throats.

Complaints are made about replacing road signs in Wales with Welsh first. I actually don't see why we need a bilingual Merthyr Tudfil or Caerffili when they are pronounced exactly the same, and there are lots of other place names across South Wales like this. Eventually most people would learn to spell it the original Welsh way.

What's the point of speaking or learning Welsh when everyone can speak English anyway is a sentence seen and heard over and over again from Welsh born and bred people.

So my questions are: why are so many people proud to be Welsh but reject anything and everything to do with Welsh language, culture and history. It's seen as a waste of money, kids could be learning far more important languages such as French or Spanish or Mandarin...

Most people see Plaid Cymru as Nationalists seeking only independence when, from what I can see, they are the only party sticking up for Wales and Welsh people (yes they have their flaws but the party has moved on from the days of being only Welsh speakers).

Most people (in South Wales especially) are pro-royalists and happy to wave the Union Jack when some Royal visits their area.

Is it because of the lack of good Welsh media? Looking at most supermarkets, the main papers around here are the Sun, Mail etc. Even the Western Mail is anti "Cymraeg." There was a story in there during the last couple of years about a Welsh team rugby player becoming a doctor "despite being educated at a Welsh language school" (paraphrase).

I class myself as Welsh and British. British only because the Welsh were the original British, long before England came into being.

That's all a bit garbled sorry, but I genuinely want to know why people are so proud to be Welsh but reject most things that mark us out as not English. If Westminster have their way, the Welsh Assembly will lose more and more powers and we will become EnglandandWales. Is that what people want? Are we happy to become an English county?

OP posts:
MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 19:39

Apologies BarbarianMum, I meant SD60659.

TroysMammy, the welsh word for dildo is dildo. Several languages use this word.

PinaGrigio · 03/08/2017 19:39

try, iklboo. 3 levels, each of about 26 lessons and the first level is completely free. It works in a series of 30 min lessons, focused on speaking, and it's brilliant.

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 19:40

I'm not sure why I needed to look up golf either or dildo, but I am reassured that there are Welsh words for them.

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 19:41

I'm not male by the way.

TroysMammy · 03/08/2017 19:41

Thanks but when it was mentioned that Welsh has a word for everything it made out that there was a Welsh equivalent for every English word not that universal words were used.

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 19:42

Give me more words. I like a challenge.

LadyMonicaBaddingham · 03/08/2017 19:45

The (free) Duolingo app has Welsh now, if anyone's interested?

SD60659 · 03/08/2017 19:48

I'm not sure why I needed to look up golf either or dildo, but I am reassured that there are Welsh words for them.

Are you? Would you like to provide them for us then?

You're still missing the point, although I have no idea how you're managing that.

Do you want me to provide an off the top of my head just by looking around where I'm currently standing list of words that DO NOT exist in Welsh? I can do that if you like. And I could keep going for a really, really long time,

Yes I have just noticed your MUM (full handle) so I apologise for that, it wasn't deliberate. I just saw "Mike" and didn't pay attention to the rest. Not intentional.


Agree. That's EXACTLY and implicitly what was said by PP.

Oh, let's start there, what's the Welsh word for "implicitly" ???

BestIsWest · 03/08/2017 19:49

Am I missing the point here? English has borrowed so many words from other languages. So why shouldn't Welsh?

NancyJoan · 03/08/2017 19:54

This smacks of Welsh Top Trumps, tbh.

I'm Welsh, live in Cardiff, both children born here. I don't speak Welsh, didn't ever do it at school, but my children do. That doesn't make me any less Welsh that someone who comes from a Welsh-speaking area, and doesn't make someone who speaks Welsh a 'better' Welsh person than me.

SD60659 · 03/08/2017 19:54



It doesn't really matter if every word in the world started in Arabic. The claim was made that every English word has a Welsh alternative and this is not the case.

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 19:56

Implicity is ymhlyg.

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 19:57

Imlicitly not implicity

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 19:58

Implicitly even

iklboo · 03/08/2017 20:02

Thank Pina I'll check that out. I've downloaded duolingo as well. Just aced my greetings test! Smile

iklboo · 03/08/2017 20:02

Sorry that was to LadyMonica as well.

SD60659 · 03/08/2017 20:08

Here we go with the list then, no doubt there will be proper words for some of these which I'm just not aware of, if you can beat the whole list without cheating (IOW nicking the English word) I'll HAPPILY eat crow.

This is just looking around my garage while I'm looking for a..

Wheel BEARING (bearing olwyn will not cut it)
I see Methylated Spirit (spirit wedi methylato will not cut it)
A CERAMIC hob (hob sssssseramic will not cut it)
An AEROSOL can (can bach o sssspray will not cut it)
Herbicide (stwff am sprayo weeds will not cut it)
Propane tank (tanc o propane will not cut it)
Water displacing agent (stwff am displasio dwr will not cut it)
Nitrous Oxide (ocside nitrws will not cut it)
Indellable ink (inc indelloblio will not cut it)
Amplifier (ampliffiewr will not cut it)

That's just a rapid reply at a glance. Even if you can beat the entire list, which I'd be very happy to see, it won't detract from the fact that NOBODY uses the Welsh alternatives. They rob the English ones. I'll leave you with that list, Googling is allowed, phone a friend etc.

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 20:11

Sorry about the typos.
Golf is golf, dildo is dildo. There may be words in English that don't have an exact equivalent but there will be a word that might be close enough. Dildo is not the universal word - Spanish, german, French etc have their own words.

English has a very broad vocabulary so many languages have adopted the English words.

nina2b · 03/08/2017 20:13

I love Welsh cakes - got some in the cupboard right now. (I'm not Welsh, though.)

SD60659 · 03/08/2017 20:18

You are forgiven for the typos, we all make those. However, Golf is not "Golf" in Welsh because ONE F makes a V sound, TWO F's make an F sound. IOW Golf in welsh (letter for letter) would sound like golV.

Remember getting bollocked for that in some written test in school.

SD60659 · 03/08/2017 20:22

I'm not sure why I needed to look up golf either or dildo, but I am reassured that there are Welsh words for them

NOW we finally get there! What you really mean (and I'm genuinely not in the habit of telling people what they mean, I'd rather they tell me instead) is that I'm 100% correct in my assertion that PLENTY of every day words (from the English language) just DO NOT exist in Welsh. I understand why you don't want to admit it, and I'm genuinely not having a go at you, you seem kinda cool but please just acknowledge my point (which I think has now been demonstrated)

Iechyd :)

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 20:25

Sorry, golf is golff.

Wheel BEARING dwyn olwyn
Methylated Spirit gwirod methyl
CERAMIC hob pentan seramic/pentan crochanyddol
AEROSOL can can chwistrell
Herbicide llyswenwyn
Propane tank tanc propan
Water displacing agent asiant disodli dwr (circumflex on the w)
Nitrous Oxide ocside nitraidd
Indellable ink inc anniladwy
Amplifier mwyadur


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MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 20:26

ocsid not ocside

SD60659 · 03/08/2017 20:27

I appear to have quoted the wrong poster (the bit in bold)

I meant to quote this bit by MUM...

There may be words in English that don't have an exact equivalent but there will be a word that might be close enough

Not sure how that happened but the rest of my last post is a reply to that. Really wish this forum had an edit function.

MikeUniformMike · 03/08/2017 20:28

Some of those words I do use regularly. Not all of them admittedly. I don't use the English words for those either.

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