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To ask for virtual hugs while I wallow in self pitty

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PuffinNose · 02/08/2017 18:29

I know I'm far from unique and it'll sort itself out but I'm scared and worried. And mad. I am so mad and embarrassed.
I'm going to be told I'm on the redelopyment database at work tomorrow morning. This means I'm not going back to my substansive role and I have a month to find another job in the organisation. After which I'll be given notice of redundancy.
We're on a recruitment freeze and even if we weren't nothing comes out at this time of year anyway.
So essentially tomorrow I'll be all but given my notice. My last working day after the "redeployment" and redundancy period will be my 40th birthday. Happy birthday me.
I knew I would be made to go as soon as I put in a grievance. But the person who the grieavance was against was disciplined but kept his job. Meanwhile I have the indignity of being seen to have been removed from my team and more importantly, the impact it will have on my family.

OP posts:

Salmotrutta · 02/08/2017 18:31

Oh no! I'm so sorry OP.



StealthPolarBear · 02/08/2017 18:31

Oh I'm so sorry. Yes the job market is slow but there are still jobs
May your 40th birthday be your new start in a new job..
Will you get a decent redundancy
What do you do


woollyminded · 02/08/2017 18:35

Oh I'm sorry Puffin, been there - including the grievance part, not sure I would ever do that again if I was in similar circumstances. It's just feels so unfair and humiliating doesn't it? Big hugs, some wine and a packet of those magic fags (non addictive, smell lovely, make you feel like you're 16 again and flicking the Vs at teacher's backs)


TheMaddHugger · 02/08/2017 23:00

(((((((((((Hugs))))))))))) all the (((((((((((Mega Madd Hugs)))))))))))))) Sad

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