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"You'll need me before I need you" AIBU?

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acapellagirl · 01/08/2017 22:40

AIBU to think that people who use this expression are utterly pathetic/immature??

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acapellagirl · 01/08/2017 22:40

I.e. Used in response to a perceived slight/snub

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SomethingOnce · 01/08/2017 22:43

I have never heard the phrase used, but it would make an excellent pass-agg status on WhatsApp for people who do that sort of thing.

DonaldStott · 01/08/2017 22:47

Not heard this used in rl. Just on the soaps.

PodgeBod · 01/08/2017 22:50

I've never heard this. I think I would burst out laughing if someone tried this one.

KoolKoala07 · 01/08/2017 22:51

I've never heard it either.

MeanAger · 01/08/2017 22:52

My mum used to say this to me when I was a stroppy teenager. I always thought "yeah right, i'l never need you." Pah! How wrong was I? Grin

acapellagirl · 01/08/2017 23:42

Haha - to the people who've never heard it / you're lucky. I'm obviously mixing in the wrong circles!!

OP posts:
PickAChew · 01/08/2017 23:43

It's extremely wanky.

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