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To think I probably haven't got this job?

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CoughLaughFart · 01/08/2017 21:03

I went for a final stage job interview on Friday (having convinced myself I had fucked up the previous stage before getting the call). I was the last person to be interviewed; they said they were hoping to have the hiring meeting as soon as possible, maybe even that day, but that I'd certainly hear 'early next week'.

With no call all day yesterday or today, at 5 I decided I had to get away from being on tenterhooks and went to the gym. Put my phone back on at 7 and, Sod's law, the recruitment agent had called Angry But he hadn't left a voicemail.

I know I'm making an assumption, but if I'd got the job, wouldn't he have left a 'good news, call you with full details tomorrow' message? Whereas 'thanks but no thanks' isn't something you want to leave on an answerphone. I'm also thinking it could be a 'leave the crap tasks until hometime' scenario.

Am I just being paranoid or should I be getting my 'thank you for considering me' voice ready? ๐Ÿ˜•

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Babypythagorus · 01/08/2017 21:08

I hire ppl, and call them to let them know, and I wouldn't leave either message on an answerphone. No idea if I'm typical. But I might be!!


CoughLaughFart · 01/08/2017 21:13

I'm hoping that's it ๐Ÿ˜• I kept hoping he'd call back as usually recruiters work late, but looks like I'm waiting til morning...

OP posts:

indigox · 01/08/2017 21:52

You're massively overthinking this.


safariboot · 01/08/2017 22:37

In my experience a lot of companies don't even bother telling you if they're not hiring you. So being called at all is encouraging. Personally I hate voicemail, don't have it on my phone and don't leave messages on others.

Yes it's possible that the recruiter was going to offer you the job then when they got no answer to the call changed their mind. But if that was true, would you really want to work for a company with the attitude that you must be available instantly at any time of day?


HoneyIshrunktheBiscuit · 01/08/2017 23:19

I think people are more likely to leave bad news on a voicemail than good.


blueshoes · 02/08/2017 00:17

I am inclined to think on balance it is good news, rather than bad. The person did not leave a message because they needed to follow up with you on other items, meaning they are taking you forward


CoughLaughFart · 02/08/2017 00:32

I hope you're all right!

It's not that I'm worried about any offer being withdrawn; I'm just frustrated with having to wait until morning. Normally I'd be offended to be told I'm overthinking something, but in this case it's probably spot on!

OP posts:

ManyManyShoes · 02/08/2017 07:29

Good luck OP.


Alicetherabbit · 02/08/2017 07:44

They didn't leave a message as they wanted to gauge reaction, ideal situation for them is for you to accept straight away and not think over night..... Without putting a downer on it you may have been second choice, they could've offer to first person who wanted to think about it, then said at close of play Tuesday they didn't want it or it wasn't paying enough etc. I have had this happen to me and turns out I was the best person for the job Grin


Penny4UrThoughts · 02/08/2017 07:47

Ooh hope you get a call soon!


CoughLaughFart · 02/08/2017 13:35

So it turns out he was calling me to say 'no news yet, but chasing' Hmm So still torturing myself!

OP posts:

FleetwoodMacDonalds · 02/08/2017 13:54

What a frustrating update! It's not over yet though, best of luck!!

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