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To ask how much you pay for 'informal' childcare?

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crisscrosscranky · 01/08/2017 11:04

I'm going back to work full time in January when DD2 will be 6 months old.

My mum has offered to look after DD2 as well as after school care for DD1 (10) 3 days a week. DD1 will go to after school club twice a week (£62 a month) and DD2 will go to nursery at my work for two days a week (£400 a month).

How much do you/would you pay a grandparent for three days a week childcare? I was thinking £500 a month cash plus I supply all nappies/food etc but - that works out at about £38 a day?

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Pleasegodgotosleep · 01/08/2017 13:48

Yes that's what I do exact same amount


Mammyloveswine · 01/08/2017 14:01

You could put them in a nursery for 38 quid a day!

I think there are rules about paying someone for informal childcare (forgive me if I'm wrong!) in that you can't pay more than expenses unless someone is registered as a childminder.

My sis has my lb oh average 3 mornings a week, I give her 100 pound a month (I offered 200 but she declined, she offered to have him as she wanted to and loves her time with him). I tend to buy her little presents, give her extra etc saying I don't have "change" as I feel bad she won't take more!

I think tho really whatever works for you all is fine! It'll be nice for lo to have time with grandma too


Mammyloveswine · 01/08/2017 14:06

Just googled, just be aware of "paying" grandparent as technically if they are not declaring the income they are breaking the law. (Sorry!)


GahBuggerit · 01/08/2017 14:07

I used to pay £70 a week to my MIL. Whether she declared it or not was her business obviously she didnt


crisscrosscranky · 01/08/2017 15:01

Nursery prices round here start at £45 a day plus there are late charges if I get stuck in traffic- my mum will be far more flexible with timings! I'd also have to pay £12 a day for my older daughter to go to after school club!

I'm sure my mum will declare every penny

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