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To tell you never to use UK mail!

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bilbobaggi · 31/07/2017 21:00

Urg need to rant been a stressful day. If you can please avoid UK mail delivering any packages for you! My aunt arranged a parcel to be delivered for DS birthday. Was forwarded an email to track said parcel. Was told it would be between 6.30am and 7.30pm today. So I stayed in. All. Day. With a sick, crying child who I just wanted to take out for some fresh air. But didn't want to miss the parcel. So stayed in. Tracked parcel. Finally at 5pm delivery man looked like he was close! Then suddenly.... your delivery will be on Tuesday 1st AngryAngrythat emoji doesn't even cover it. Tried phoning but they wouldn't talk to me as my aunt organised the delivery. DH came home to both me and DS lying on the floor crying. I know I know 1st world problems but what a waste of a day! I'm not staying in tomorrow, who knows if we'll ever get our package. To make it worse I know it's worth quite a lot of money too.

So don't use them!! Go with a different supplier if UK mail comes up as the courier! It's not worth it! Rant over Grin

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needmorespace · 31/07/2017 21:06

I agree
My daughter was expecting a delivery last week - stayed in all day only to get a text telling her that they had just tried to deliver but had to leave a card - no attempted delivery and no card!! She rang and was told sorry, they would try to contact the driver to see if he would deliver but she shouldn't hold out much hope.
Re-arranged delivery a day later - EXACTLY the same thing happened.
She eventually had to spend her morning off work traipsing to their depot on some industrial estate in East London.
UK Mail, of course, couldn't care less.


bilbobaggi · 01/08/2017 10:31

Thanks you need more space! I'm feeling less murderous this morning, but wasting so much time still trying to sort it out! Bad customer service is one of my top pet hates!

OP posts:

OnionKnight · 01/08/2017 11:17

I'm the opposite, they text me to say that my parcel was delayed but it arrived on the day they originally said it would Hmm

Incompetent fucks.


DonaldStott · 01/08/2017 11:52

Complain on twitter. You get a much faster response.


BarryTheKestrel · 01/08/2017 12:58

And there was me getting angry that they text to say delivery would be between 7.30am and 8.30am and it didn't show up until 4.30pm. If it had been moved to the next day I would have lost it!


Floggingmolly · 01/08/2017 13:02

Why isn't you leave a note to tell them to leave it next door if you weren't home? Lying on the floor crying is a ridiculous over reaction.


Floggingmolly · 01/08/2017 13:03



isseywithcats · 01/08/2017 13:27

uk mail is now owned by DHL known in ebay circles as drop it, hit it, lose it


MrsClegane · 01/08/2017 13:58

I once got a packet delivered via ukmail.... I say delivered, yet it was actually delivered to the opposite side of the village. seriously the only similarities are the beginning of the postcode and one word in the address...
so we were: 6 high mountain ab12, 3dc,
they were: 6 different high road, ab12 9zy.

Luckily they were a nice household who came and hand delivered it to us!! though they weren't impressed at uk mail after they had been left a card saying they had called and would come back the day they had waited in for them to redeliver, uk mail didn't turn-up, so they waited in another day and finally got the parcel but it wasn't even for them!!!


bilbobaggi · 01/08/2017 17:52

Drop it, hit it, lose it sounds about right! We now have our parcel!! Yay! Although only because I complained to the original company that the product came from and they had it sorted in a couple of hours. But I won't be going near them again....

Sorry others have had such crap experiences, it seems mad other companies can text you to let you know the van driver is on their way, with their name and an hour slot, and they couldn't manage it inside 13 hours!! No neighbours I know or trust sadly and it was an expensive item, same goes for lack of safe space. Hey, lesson learnt!

OP posts:

brendani9 · 01/08/2017 21:01

UKMail are undoubtedly utter shit...can I also briefly and (dis)honourably mention MyHermes!! They're total shite!!!

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