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To simulate DIY noises?

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HateIsNotGood · 31/07/2017 20:19

After nearly a year of putting up with aggressively yapping dog pointing it's snout through my fence EVERY time I venture into my back garden/courtyard? I've tried being nice and understanding, pointed out how annoying it is, etc, etc....and this yapping is heard by more neighbours than me, I hear their groans and muttered "shut up (feckin) dog". Generally, we all like to be nice, helpful and keep ourselves to ourselves (a fine balance) and keep the peace. BUT it's getting too much now, so whilst I'm thinking of another way round this (bucket of water next) AIBU to make loads of banging noises against our party wall?

Flame me but the fury has finally got me and I've quite enjoyed taking various noise-making objects and making Wall Noise with them. I've found a 12" x 6" plank really useful for DIY simulation noise and it doesn't leave any marks!

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WineAndTiramisu · 31/07/2017 20:37

Super soaker...?


HateIsNotGood · 31/07/2017 20:47

I don't want to be too obvious (yet), as in lose it completely with a vendetta against a little dog (fecking little yappy dog). But, nice lady I can no longer be. I'll have a handy bucket to let loose and say "oh [yappy dog] you've got wet". I'm an animal lover but dogs are pack-mentality and this little thing thinks its the leader, as the owners let it -couldn't give a shit-.

DS was a bit aghast that I would do 'specific' banging noises but I have found it rather cathartic. Anyone else?

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