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People with backpacks

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Urubu · 31/07/2017 09:13

Please, if you MUST take a huge backpacke on a packed commuters train, and if for some reason you are unable to put it on the floor - like any considerate person would do - at least stop turning from left to reght every minute and slamming everybody in the face in the process!

I mean, these people must know what they are doing for sure, and are pretending they don't realise just because they can't be bothered to change their ways.


OP posts:
Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed · 01/08/2017 05:46

That sounds annoying. Can you point out to them what they're doing and ask them not to?

Shoxfordian · 01/08/2017 05:47


People with backpacks are annoying

Mrsmorton · 01/08/2017 05:49

YANBU in the least. Inconsiderate twats. You can def tell this people who walk around in their own little self absorbed bubble because they're the ones who don't remove the fucking thing as soon as they get on the train.

Me264 · 01/08/2017 08:19

Yes, YANBU, but don't assume they realise what they're doing. I once had a backpack on on a crowded bus in London and didn't realise that with every judder of the bus I was hitting the man next to me in the face with it. Instead of politely tapping me on the shoulder and asking me to take it off, he waited until he was getting off and then shouted at me and shoved me really hard, I kid you not. I was a 19 year old girl at the time on my way back to uni and it really upset me even though I wasn't actually hurt. Just ask them to move it.

Laiste · 01/08/2017 08:22


Not rocket science that a big bag strapped on your back is likely to be a annoying for others on crowded transport. Put it on the floor!

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