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To think that Neighbour Downstairs should NOT let the outside door slam every time he puts his washing out?!

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angelofthefrozennorth · 30/07/2017 18:15


I live in a terrace of "maisonette"-type flats. Each pair of flats has an outer door which leads into a tiny square enclosed "porch" where the flats' front doors are. The outer door has one of those self-closing hinges.

Whenever Downstairs Neighbour puts his washing out (we have communal lines in a big garden behind the flats) he lets the outer door slam shut. And it does slam - hard enough for me to feel it upstairs. Then he lets it slam again on his way back. And again x2 when he brings his washing in. Even if he has his arms full of washing, IMO that's no excuse, as when I put mine out, I prop the outer door open with the wash basket while I close my front door, then move my wash basket and close the outer door gently behind me.

AIBU to think he should close the door quietly ??

He often leaves his washing out to be darked on too! Shock

OP posts:
Northernparent68 · 30/07/2017 19:16

Does it matter ? It's a bit of noise for a short period of time

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