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I've thought of one!...just because i bought a Tv from currys last year I don't think they should ring me up

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zippitippitoes · 27/03/2007 16:24

and ask if i have a home insurance policy today!

bog off to them I say

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bran · 27/03/2007 16:26

Why did you give them your phone number? Nobody gets my phone number unless I like them.

I bet they sell your number to other companies too, they are nasty at Currys.


CadburyCremeSquonk · 27/03/2007 16:36

If you've been searching for something to post in AIBU, then you must be sooooooooooooo laid back, I have to restrain myself from posting in this topic every half hour!

Well done.

(and no, you're not bein unreasonable)


CristinaTheAstonishing · 27/03/2007 16:38

Just because I went to a few hairdressers in the area doesn't mean they have to text me with their offers which aren't that great anyway. Or even to text me to say "Happy Birthday" (especially when very few others do, why remind me?).


JodieG1 · 27/03/2007 17:20

I never give out my number either as I'm sure they sell them on.


zippitippitoes · 27/03/2007 17:34

it was called a courtesy call

I shall make a number up next time

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