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AIBU to worry about this.

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flowercover · 30/07/2017 14:38

Long story short. We are in a committed relationship of 4 years. We spend a lot of time together but don't live with each other due to uncontrollable circumstances. We are soon to be in a position to which we can live together. They are in a financial position to get a good mortgage. We have agreed we would move to where he can transfer to a new office some 2hrs away from my support of family and friends, I will also be giving up a good job that I love. I was feeling fine and even excited about our future. But the other week I found a Internet search asking about if my partner has rights to my home if living together and they have been talking about making new friends and joining groups and that I'm not apparently invited to join in with. It seems that they would gain everything and I would lose alot. I am not going to be on the mortgage as I have no financial way of contributing. I am a little involved in the looking of properties but really have no say. I'm worried now that if I risk what I have I might end up losing everything. I want us to build a life together. I'm very social and make friends easy so understand that them having separate social groups is positive. I just all of a sudden feel powerless and unsure about it and about the intentions all of a sudden.

I feel it could be possible that I'm being used as there security until they settle in, as the risk would be all mine and with no gain should things go wrong.

I love him very much and we have a good relationship, I want children with them and want full commitment with a future together.

AIBU to worry?

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AnnieOH1 · 30/07/2017 14:40

Not unreasonable at all. I wouldn't do it personally. Maybe look at renting in the new area (why is it you need to move anyway?), then see what the future holds with you maybe buying a home together?

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