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To think that putting the bins out 4 days early says 'we are on holiday, burglars welcome?'

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Kindlethefourth · 30/07/2017 09:11

DH says it's ok to put bins out 4 days early and ask a neighbour to bring them in whilst we are on holiday. We are lucky enough to live in a low crime area but there has been a rise in crime recently (I look at the community Facebook page-he doesn't) and wherever you live I was always brought up not to send out obvious signals. To me putting bins out is akin to telling the street 'oh look they have gone on holiday'. DH looks at me like I am mad when I say this and shakes his head in a patronising manner. I have also worked in crime for over 25 years so AIBU to think I may have some idea how criminals work or has this made me over sensitive?

OP posts:

BeepBeepMOVE · 30/07/2017 09:13

I'm with your DH.


BigSandyBalls2015 · 30/07/2017 09:13

You are right, I have this conversation with DH every time we go away as he does the same. And closes every little window upstairs, even in a heatwave.


burntoutmum · 30/07/2017 09:14

I'm with you OP! Have you not got a neighbour who could do it?


AuntieStella · 30/07/2017 09:14

Could your neighbours put them out as well as out them in?

(offer wine/chops upfront, or bring them something back from destination)


ArchieStar · 30/07/2017 09:15

I wouldn't. I'd ask neighbours to put out or family member or friend. Do you have someone coming to sort the post and what not? They could do it.


AnneElliott · 30/07/2017 09:15

I'm with you - and I also work in crime stuff.

If a neighbour is willing to put them back, can they not put them out as well?


mumonashoestring · 30/07/2017 09:16

Depends a bit on your neighbours - if everyone puts their bins out and gets them back in like clockwork then yes it would look odd. Where we are there lots of people who just keep their bins at the end of the drive so you can't really tell if they've been left there by the binmen or are where they always are.


ClashCityRocker · 30/07/2017 09:17

Can't you get fined for putting them out early? We aren't allowed to put them out before 7pm the night before here.

Although not sure if it's actually enforced.

Agree with you that it makes it obvious no-one is at the house.


runningyogabooze · 30/07/2017 09:19

Yes agree, ditto those who pull down all the blinds in their house when they go away - surely curtains drawn at lunchtime are the number one sign for burglars that the house is unoccupied?

This genuinely baffles me.


Theimpossiblegirl · 30/07/2017 09:20

I asked a neighbour to put them out while we're away, and pointed out there was still lots of room in both bins, so she's getting rid of her garden waste and filling my black bin from her teen's room. Everyone's a winner.


AngeloftheSouth84 · 30/07/2017 09:20

Anything which makes the house look different to what it normally does will attract attention. No car in the drive at night; bins out early; bins haven't been emptied after dustbin day; windows closed when they would normally be open (although open windows give the impression that you're lack about security, even if those windows are inaccessible)


TupperwareTat · 30/07/2017 09:22

Is there a refuse centre near you? Drop it off on the way or leave it until the next collection.


AngeloftheSouth84 · 30/07/2017 09:23

surely curtains drawn at lunchtime are the number one sign for burglars that the house is unoccupied?
What about blinds open at night? That sends the same message


Kindlethefourth · 30/07/2017 09:23

Yes lots of neighbours who would take out as well as fetch in and it is a very very regimented street in terms of retrieving bins. DH will also try to put all blinds down and I will go round raising them up again. Groan

OP posts:

Ktown · 30/07/2017 09:29

Put a small light on a timer to come one each evening for an hour.
And do half and half on blinds.


Kindlethefourth · 30/07/2017 09:33

Ktown am with you on the half and half blinds-definition of compromise. And if all else fails I could always stuff DH IN the bin.

OP posts:

lottiegarbanzo · 30/07/2017 09:44

You are right.

Why does he not respect your professional knowledge of this subject?


yawning801 · 30/07/2017 09:45

My neighbours and us have an agreement that when they go on holiday (5/6 times a year, as they are retired), we will put the bins out. And vice versa. We always bring each other something from our holiday destinations and it works like a dream.

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