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Workman had a messy shit in our toilet (lighthearted)

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BillyDaveysDaughter · 29/07/2017 21:33

We had some work done today - and due to some of the work being done in the downstairs loo, we had removed the throne for better access, thus what we call our "tradesman's bog" was not available.

When the very nice chap doing the work asked politely to use our bathroom - he was here for several hours - of course we agreed. But once he'd left (an hour or so later) and I popped into the loo myself, I found what can only be described as a turd storm. The patterns left in the bowl could have won the Turner prize. .

Now I have no issue with the poor guy needing to download, if you gotta go you gotta go. And OBVIOUSLY I do not possess anything as repugnant as a toilet brush, so I don't suppose there was much he could do...but personally I'd have made an effort with a grimace and wadded loo roll (yes even underwater) until all traces were gone. AIBU? WWYD if you desperately needed a pony in someone's house but left a mark?

Caveat - all written in good humour, I bear him and his bowels no ill will. He made a lovely job of the work and decorating my porcelain.

OP posts:
PamelaFlitton31 · 29/07/2017 22:02

I am also so against The Brush. Gross.

ChristmasFluff · 29/07/2017 22:02

There's something about workmen. Used to date one, and he'd regularly have 'Unflushables'. So (also lacking a toilet brush, although I too will rethink having read MSLehrerin's posts) I got a 'Poo Stick' which I kept outside the front door for him to use - the toilet was a downstairs one. When random workmen block the loo with a turd, they are pointed to the Poo Stick. I don't mind a bit of pebbledashing though, that's just par for the course.

CorbynsBumFlannel · 29/07/2017 22:05

You are disgusted by a toilet brush yet you are going to lean your face over the bowl and clean stranger poo off by hand?
Why do you care if there are particles of bleached shit on a toilet brush that is next to your toilet that will also have tiny particles of bleached shit in it? And how do you manage to drip poo water between the loo and holder when you use a brush? Do you swing it about sopping wet? Confused Shock

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface · 29/07/2017 22:08


A quick whizz around the dishwasher and any toilet brush is germ free.


BillyDaveysDaughter · 29/07/2017 22:10

Stranger poo? NOPE. That shit got bleached and the lid slammed on it and all towels changed, I only speak of my own.

You don't have to wave it around for droplets and particles to be spread. In my entirely unmedically educated opinion obvs.

OP posts:
123MothergotafleA · 29/07/2017 22:10

I've had the same man cleaning our carpets for many years now. Last time he cleaned them he used our downstairs loo, and left a veritable Jackson Pollock effort for my delectation.
Suffice it to say he will never have the opportunity again.

Judydreamsofhorses · 29/07/2017 22:12

When I lived on my own I left a plasterer in my flat doing some work. I got home to find he'd pissed off hours before he was supposed to, a massive shit in the toilet, unflushed, and a packet of sandwiches in the living room. I did not eat the sandwiches.

MerchantofVenice · 29/07/2017 22:12

Toilet brushes are the stuff of nightmares. I thought they were bad enough when I imagined they were just for routine cleaning with bleach and stuff. But I've since learnt that people actually start rubbing them into actual shit that's been left round the sides of the bowl. And then, what, just plonk them back by the loo for someone to brush against/knock over?? If there is 'stuff' clinging to the sides of the bowl after you've been - a wad of toilet paper, preferably with bleach. Anything below the water line... just bleach. Tbh if it's below the water line, I'd rather guests in my house just left it there... At least it's contained! Once they start wielding a toilet brush, who knows where the drips of faecal matter will end up?!

Sara107 · 29/07/2017 22:15

You can't clean limescale without a brush, or clean under the rim. But it needs to be replaced regularly, and rinsed well after use.

MerchantofVenice · 29/07/2017 22:17

You can - just use something similarly abrasive and immediately bin it.

whataboutbob · 29/07/2017 22:21

When we had a loft extension done one of the workmen used the toilet to take drugs, every day.

whataboutbob · 29/07/2017 22:21

At least pooing is legal!

Slimthistime · 29/07/2017 22:21

Sorry, you can't remember the last time you saw a live what?
MN is on fire at the moment Grin

MollyBloomYes · 29/07/2017 22:26
MacTweedy · 29/07/2017 22:27


CorbynsBumFlannel · 29/07/2017 22:30

If you're so against having anything that has touched shit in your bathroom you need to start going in a hole at the bottom of the garden as surely having a toilet at all is gross.
All you need to do with a toilet brush is rinse it in the flush when you're done cleaning to rinse any visible shit off and let any excess water drip into the loo before replacing. Job done. I'm not going to lose any sleep over bleached, invisible to the naked eye shit on my loo brush. I'm not planning on brushing my teeth with it.
Getting actual shit on my hands I'm less comfortable with.

Floggingmolly · 29/07/2017 22:33

How can you object to a toilet brush, yet have a "poo stick" standing outside your front door?!!
With a complete strangers shit on it!!

CauliflowerSqueeze · 29/07/2017 22:38

You describe an "emergency" situation as one where there is no loo brush, but you have created one?

I don't love loo brushes. But I like them more than turd storms and skids everywhere.

Neuroticwoman · 29/07/2017 22:46

Billydaveysdaughter Grin
I'm still not at all convinced by the toilet brush thing. Bleach is the way forward for poo stains.
The thought of having an item in my toilet with poo on it (especially other people's) makes my toes curl....

Slimthistime · 29/07/2017 22:56

Flogging "yet have a "poo stick" standing outside your front door?!!
With a complete strangers shit on it!"

Simultaneously baffled and crying with laughter
Am I reading the same thread as everyone else Grin

HootieMcBoooob · 29/07/2017 23:00

Years ago, I had a fencing bloke round to quote for a new fence. One of them asked to use the bog, I said sure... After they left the house stunk and i thought the girl, who was a baby, had filled her nappy. I checked her, then went upstairs to toilet that was full of sweetcorn and splattered shit everywhere, it was vile. Then the prick rung me later with a quote of £2k... We did it ourselves for £200ish and not a dirty bog in sight

gamerchick · 29/07/2017 23:00

Toilet brushes ARE NOT FOR CLEANING FRESH SKIDS! Aaaaagghh /wibble. Seriously man! It's disturbing how many people don't have a clue.

Floggingmolly · 29/07/2017 23:02

Read ChristmasFluff's post st 22.02 for Poo Stick, Slim
It is weird Grin

Floggingmolly · 29/07/2017 23:03

What are they for, gamer?

RaspberryRuffless · 29/07/2017 23:08

Toilet brushes are rank. Can't remember when I last owned one. I use a toilet duck thing that you just flush away after you've cleaned the toilet.

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