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Drowning in plastic tat

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kennycat · 29/07/2017 20:00

What do you all do with the plastic tat that come in party bags or magazines?! My two play with them for a day then usually forget about them. At this point I collect them all up and put them in a bag and shove in a cupboard. Each time I look at this bag I wonder what the dickens to do with it. Nothing is broken but there is just so much of it. Throwing it seems wrong but keeping it 'in play' means there is just too much stuff around.
Ideas please !

OP posts:
MikeUniformMike · 29/07/2017 20:02

Charity shop. Bag it up in polythene bags too make about £1's worth in each bag.

MikeUniformMike · 29/07/2017 20:02

to not too

Yura · 29/07/2017 20:04

Charity shop as well, packed in "themes" if possible (cars, bouncy toys, ...)

FoolForYourLoving · 29/07/2017 20:16

I chuck it all in the recycling

PodgeBod · 29/07/2017 20:36

I've just been throwing it away this weekend. Nobody else will want a McDonald's minion that has lost its banana, I'm sure Grin I chuck it into the recycling.

PuntasticUsername · 29/07/2017 21:21

Give to charities that do shoeboxes of gifts for disadvantaged children in the UK and overseas (just not SP and their associates and anyone similar, who are vile). I got chatting to one of the members of staff in a local charity shop, and she said she always loves to see bags of Happy Meal toys come in (with or without their bananas!), they are perfect for this purpose.

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