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To wear black to a funeral?

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lizzieoak · 29/07/2017 17:28

No-one seems to do this anymore. It's bloody hot out and my only choices are either
A) black dress is sort of chiffony material w small flowers all over (short sleeves, buttons to waist, then skirt style on bottom)
B) very plain, possibly severe grey dress (posh French dress)
C) stuff that's too informal or bright
D) dress pants and posh but not boiling hot top

OP posts:
ImogenTubbs · 29/07/2017 17:33

Unless it's a very formal funeral I think the key is to wear something dark, plain and discreet. Black, grey, navy, etc, not important, but just something respectful that's not attention seeking.

That said, I went to a funeral earlier this year where they asked everyone to wear bright colours. It was nice. Sorry for your loss Flowers

lizzieoak · 29/07/2017 17:40

Thanks. It's the funeral of a friend my age.

I worry black could be seen as over-egging the pudding ahead of the family. I want everyone to wear black to my funeral!

Maybe the grey or the grey dress pants then. The grey seems slightly nun-like in its simplicity. Maybe the dress pants as they are the right colour and I can wear them w buff suede heels to dress them up.

Distracts my thoughts in the lead up to the funeral.

OP posts:
Member984815 · 29/07/2017 17:48

Dress pants and top would be fine in my opinion and I've been to lots of funerals . All Catholic ones though if that makes a difference

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