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Hoojimmaflip · 29/07/2017 12:43

Posting here for traffic.
Okay,I appreciate this is bad so I'm asking for how to move forward or if mn's out there has been in a similar situation.
Have been with DP for 4 yrs, he has two teenage DC - they are lovely. Unfortunately their DM had turned into a mentalist for the past 6 mths of the divorce negotiations (no OW). This has been a strain and things will settle I get that. BUT I'm on holiday and last night I drank too much and made a derogatory comment about the DM. (Because she's being such a pain in the arse atm ) However this was when DS1 (17) was sitting at the table
Sooo... any hand holds out there?? I feel like a twat, I know I was a twat and it was a twatish thing to launch into (I was stopped pretty soon by my SIL). I never want the DCs to feel conflicted - which has now happened thanks to me.
Just feeling like a bad cow x

OP posts:

Groupie123 · 29/07/2017 13:49

Your stepson is 17 am sure he can handle it.


HerOtherHalf · 29/07/2017 13:51

I feel like a twat, I know I was a twat and it was a twatish thing to launch into

Tell your DS1 that. He will probably appreciate your honesty and humility.


TooGood2BeFalse · 29/07/2017 14:20

Exactly what HerOtherHalf said
Admit you were a dick,apologise for any offence and tell him you won't do it again.

You aren't the first person to make such a slip up OP, so don't feel to awful, just don't do it again.Enjoy your holiday!


Hoojimmaflip · 29/07/2017 14:45

Thank you - still feeling like an shit about it all (that's definitely the hangover kicking in)

OP posts:

ThumbWitchesAbroad · 29/07/2017 14:47

Yes, apologise to the DS and say you shouldn't have said that, and you won't do it again.

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