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To ask how much would you be happy to pay

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Littlestgirlguide25 · 29/07/2017 09:18

For Guide camp?

It's a big event for 7 nights in the summer holidays, for Guides from across the UK and some international groups attending.
Lots of exciting and adventurous activities, all food, accommodation and activities included but with parents providing transport to help keep costs low (90 min drive from home).

What would you be happy to pay for that?

OP posts:

TeaBelle · 29/07/2017 09:19



SpartacusSaiman · 29/07/2017 09:21

Including everything but transport.

I would guess £300-£400.

Activities, equipment, saftey equipment and insurance costs wont be cheap.


Only1scoop · 29/07/2017 09:21

Around 200 pounds plus a goody bag for leaders!!


lmer · 29/07/2017 09:22



HipsterHunter · 29/07/2017 09:22



Floggingmolly · 29/07/2017 09:23



Penny4UrThoughts · 29/07/2017 09:25

What kind of accommodation? Camping? Dormitory? Single rooms?


Littlestgirlguide25 · 29/07/2017 09:26

It's camping, a large scale Guide camp.
We have our own camping equipment which we have to buy and maintain ourselves.

OP posts:

RainbowsAndUnicorn · 29/07/2017 09:29

£400 plus s treats to take to share and a gift for the volunteers.


Penny4UrThoughts · 29/07/2017 09:32

In that case £150-200.

Its not really 'accommodation included' if you have to bring your own tent...


Littlestgirlguide25 · 29/07/2017 09:34

They're not bringing their own tents. The Guide unit own them.

OP posts:

MyfatheristheKing · 29/07/2017 09:36

Around £200


Littlestgirlguide25 · 29/07/2017 09:41

So would most of you say that £205 for the week is ok?
We are doing our best to fundraise as much as we can to bring the cost down to just over £100 per Guide, the full cost without fundraising will be £205.

OP posts:

LIZS · 29/07/2017 09:43

Seems an odd amount. Tbh I'd add a bit for contingencies, maybe start at £225 before fundraising.


Littlestgirlguide25 · 29/07/2017 09:44

That is including contingencies etc.
I have done this many times before, just every year people give different reactions to the quoted price.

OP posts:

ineedaholidaynow · 29/07/2017 09:47

DS has recently been on a scout camp, quite large event but nothing on the scale of this. The cost was £55 for a weekend. The camp was fully catered but we had to feed DS before he arrived on Friday night and they left after lunch on Sunday.

When DS was in Cubs he went on a camp that was at an activities type place and the cost was around £100 for the weekend as had to cover the cost of the instructors. Usually activities are lead by scout leaders.

So I would say something in the region of £200 - £300 for a week. But possibly more if external instructors are involved.

How much are the organisers charging?


BikeRunSki · 29/07/2017 09:48

I'd manage £205 for a week, but above that it's beba case of not attending.

DS is a Cub, they recently had a camp which was £60 for 2 nights. It included loads of activities, but was inaccessible to many parents, particularly if they had more than one child in the group.


ineedaholidaynow · 29/07/2017 09:48

Cross posted there. I would say that was a reasonable price, even before the fundraising.


NormaSmuff · 29/07/2017 09:49

ime guide camp is normally affordable, cheaper than school trips like you say, you have fundraising events to help.


AnneElliott · 29/07/2017 09:50

Is it KIJ?


NormaSmuff · 29/07/2017 09:50

but also payments is normally in installments, are you looking at installments op?


Witsender · 29/07/2017 09:52

With own travel about £100 would be comparable to other scouting events we have done, which tend to be around £15-£20 for two nights.


Ameliablue · 29/07/2017 09:57

I think it is a reasonable price but it isn't going to be affordable for all. Brownies and guides are normally a fairly inexpensive extra curricular activity so a week long camp, whilst a great experience might just be too big an expense for a lot of families.


Brittbugs80 · 29/07/2017 09:57

We've just paid £45 for 2 nights for a cub. That includes food in Friday night, 3 meals Saturday two meals Sunday and all leader led activities. He had £5 for on-site shop. We had to take and collect.

For 7 nights for the same set up I'd expect about £200.

His school did a residential trip for two nights and that was £350, he didn't go on that one.


Littlestgirlguide25 · 29/07/2017 09:58

Not KIJ.
Yes paying in instalments.

I have no idea how your scout group charge £15-20 for two nights witsender.
The campsite fees are usually £5-8 pp,pn. Plus maybe £5-6 pp,pn for food, activities, contingencies, maintaining equipment, restocking the first aid box.....

We would normally charge about £40 for a 2 night indoor residential, £60-80 for a small scale 4 night camp for just our unit, depending on activities, and obviously the big week long camps are more.

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