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Veet karma

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thegoodnameshadgone · 28/07/2017 20:09


I spent a very enjoyable night a couple of night ago howling laughing at the lady whose "friend" have veeted her arse and now it was in fire.

I thought to myself that I had never had a sore arse from veet.

Just now, I decided To veet my bits (but not my arse as I was mindful it was veet spray on and not my usual leave in in the shower stuff).

I stood legs akimbo (to make sure it all got done) and read Mumsnet for the allocated ten minutes. No problem.

Jumped in the shower and looked down. The bastard spray on stuff foams over the course of ten minutes. I hadn't felt it foam and my arse wasn't sore. However the foam had foamed up to my arse.

I am now in similar pain. And I can't find the thread. What did the ladies "friend" use to make it please stop!!!

This is karma is it not?

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