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AIBU to think my salad needs exorcising?

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TheBoyWhoWouldntHoeCorn · 28/07/2017 16:10

I can't eat it can I? Shock

AIBU to think my salad needs exorcising?
OP posts:
MsHarry · 28/07/2017 19:23

Phantom of the salad bar!

Slimthistime · 28/07/2017 19:23

maybe you'll find an angel in the cake.....

Janeismymiddlename · 29/07/2017 00:10

Proof that no good ever came of eating stuff that's good for you!

ThaliaLuxurySpa · 29/07/2017 02:57

Avacadon't , more like. Grin

ThaliaLuxurySpa · 29/07/2017 03:01

or even avOcadon't ...

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