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White van man removal scam

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Iris65 · 28/07/2017 15:54

We booked a house removal for Wednesday. Very professional looking website. Two phone numbers - including an 0800 as well as a mobile number. Discussed exactly what we needed, hourly rate and 'told quote in the post'.
Wednesday morning they did not turn up. I rang them and spoke to the same bloke who said he'd 'ring the driver' and ring me back. He didn't ring me back and has ignored every single one of my calls.
Luckily I had previously used a local firm and rang them late in the afternoon. They were able to do the move the next day and the owner said he's receiving at least two calls a week from people who have been let down in the same way. He said that we 'were lucky' because I hadn't paid a deposit or the full amount as some had and were put of pocket as well as not having moved! We were also lucky because we weren't in a chain and I had organised the removal three days before our rental house contract ended.
I have put their details and exactly what they did all over social media. I have just stated facts as I have read nightmare scenarios of people being sued for negative reviews!
Can you imagine being in a chain and having paid the fee up front?!

OP posts:

Stoprightnowplease · 28/07/2017 15:55

I have heard of them driving off with people's belongings too. Glad you got it sorted.

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