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To want to drive to Paris?

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operaha · 28/07/2017 10:45

Not me actually. But I am involved in organising...
How doable is it?
So, I will be travelling around Europe and meeting family in Paris at end to all travel back to UK together.
For trains in England plus eurostar they will spend 200 quid each.
Ah ha they say, they'll get euro tunnel with car for 166 for all of them and park somewhere before Paris and get train in. Then i can also go home with them therefore saving me money too.
But, I cant work out where that place to park will be... has anyone done it?
Would really really appreciate some advice!!!

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Stabbytheunicorn · 28/07/2017 11:30

Meaux is about 30 mins on the train to Paris, with parking near the station. Tbh just use Google maps to find trainlines into Paris then search for stations along the lines. Then use Google maps/streetview to find nearby parking.


FanSpamTastic · 28/07/2017 11:47

There is loads of parking at EuroDisney and links to the French train network. One of the companies I look after is based in Marne la Vallee near EuroDisney and if visiting them I get the train to the Disney park.


AnathemaPulsifer · 28/07/2017 11:58

There's a big car park at Porte de Bagnolet, but I think a suburban commuter train station car park is probably better.


operaha · 28/07/2017 12:24

Thanks!! Stabby yes that's what I was doing. Do you know if you need to pre bok train tickets?

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Doodlebug5 · 28/07/2017 12:27

Do you have a diesel if so I think you need a card to take it into Paris


FrenchJunebug · 28/07/2017 12:29

I drove to Paris. The drive there from London is doable but it took me two hours to go from the outskirts of Paris to Paris itself. Traffic in and around Paris is a nightmare, much worse than in London as is parking.

Honestly I wouldn't do it again. Eurostar is so much nicer!


Twinkie1 · 28/07/2017 12:38

I would t, it's like central London in the rush hour with twice as much congestion and people with shitty old cars that they do t care about.


operaha · 28/07/2017 20:09

We got there in the end. They'll drive to ebbsfleet which is an hour or so from us and do euro star. I totally forgot you don't have to go from kings cross... 150 each but no parking or trains or fuel in France so everyone is happy!!

OP posts:

Stabbytheunicorn · 28/07/2017 23:12

Ah, glad you got it sorted. I was just going to send you this link..

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