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That dp should help!

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doingitallagaintoday · 27/07/2017 07:33

I did some cleaning last night and put a few black bags on the balcony with the intention that they would be taken down to the bins this morning.

Dp leaves for work 30 minutes before me, i get home 2 hours after him, plus I have ds and we take our bicycles in the lift on the way out!

Dp has got up this morning telling me to take the rubbish down! I've said that he can take some too! He's got all arsey saying that he doesn't have to because he leaves before me! When I mentioned that I leave with 2 bicycles and that he can help it's turned into an argument where apparently I don't appreciate anything he does!

I'm sorry, but last night while he was laying in the bed I put ds back to bed 3 times!! Sorted out the gap under the shower tray because dp is scared spiders will come in and sorted the bed because the stands fell down, I also made dinner and cleaned up. What did he do? He washed up in the 2 hours where he was home and I wasn't!

Aibu to expect him to help remove the bags? In the end he left without saying good bye and purposefully only took 1! 😡

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HipsterHunter · 27/07/2017 07:35

Wow why on earth wouldn't he at least grab two bags on his way down - that's just normal everyday stuff not a bit 'job' in the morning.


doingitallagaintoday · 27/07/2017 07:36

@HipsterHunter exactly!!! I'm so sick of how he thinks he does everything and I don't! He's so entitled

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