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to suggest that it's unacceptable to use a chainsaw at 3 in the morning?

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midnightexpress · 27/03/2007 08:58

Show of hands please, ladies.

I live next to a railway, and I realise that a certain amount of engineering work is inevitable, but our local company are really taking the p**s. We had overnight (midnight-4am) works on the line for weeks in the autuumn, more last week. However, we get notice of these. What we don't get notice of is when they decide to cut down the undergrowth by the line using chainsaws and huge industrial mulchers ALL NIGHT. For the second time in a couple of months. I had a frightened and very awake 16 month-old at 3am. Couldn't get him back to sleep - and I could hear it through double glazing, at the other side of the house, with earplugs in and a pillow over my head. Do other people think I'm just a whinger, or is that level of disturbance in a built-up residential area not OK? Don't other companies do this kind of work on Sundays and use replacement buses? God, I'm angry.

Apparently they're coming back tonight with a crane.

Sorry, rant over.

Pass the Calpol.

OP posts:

BigCremeEggs · 27/03/2007 09:00

what!!!! they are defo taking the piss!! complain to the head office/ manager


Loshad · 27/03/2007 11:50

bloomin outrageous imo, would definatley say something. I'm careful even about using our chainsaw on a sunday in case I disturb people's peace, and we live in the country.


midnightexpress · 27/03/2007 12:03

Thanks - glad it's not just me being all nimby. Have called environmental health and Network Rail, but they are both completely useless - 'oh yes, they have to keep the line open so they do all the work at night now', 'Oh yes, the machines are noisy, aren't they'. Aaaarggh! I am saddling up my high horse as we speak and preparing to do battle.

TBH, would probably feel marginally less incandescent if I didn't also have 9 wk old who is still having difficulty understanding the basic features of 'nighttime', but really...

OP posts:

ThrowbackTo07 · 10/11/2022 23:47

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