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Editing baby photos

18 replies

iver · 26/07/2017 18:02

Is it just me or is this a step too far? "Bad skin" Shock

Editing baby photos
OP posts:

DearMrDilkington · 26/07/2017 18:04

Oh god that's awful.


WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 26/07/2017 18:05

To be fair, baby does look better in the edited picture Grin


Majora · 26/07/2017 18:05

oh my god it's a baby, can nothing at all in this world be imperfect?

Newborn babies generally look like wrinkly old men anyway!


Pangur2 · 26/07/2017 18:06

If you were painting a portrait, you wouldn't include transient marks like pimples etc, as they are not a permanent part of the person. (Unless you were going for a Lucien Freud style gritty realism). Maybe this is a similar thing? clutching at straws


IDontWantAHumanSkull · 26/07/2017 18:06

It does make it more visually pleasing but it also takes away the newborn feel of it. Newborns are ugly - all wrinkles, scratches, bruises and jaundice. I don't understand why people want professional photos of newborns. The photos you want of your baby are when they're smiling and engaged not scrunched up and half blind. Newborn babies, I think, are one of the amazing things you can't capture properly with a photo. You need to smell them, hold them and be amazed at their tinyness, kiss their fuzzy little heads.


coddiwomple · 26/07/2017 18:13

Newborns are ugly

Not for their parents! And my kids looked amazing maybe a bit squashed for the first 24 hours

I don't think anyone has to find other babies remotely cute, but even if their own parents are judging negatively, that's really sad!


lmer · 26/07/2017 18:22

You could easily ask them not to- it may be a step to far for some people but others might like it


Queenofthestress · 26/07/2017 19:25

I edit my daughter's photos, mainly because even at 5 days old she was pulling off the mitts and scratching herself -.-


LaurieFairyCake · 26/07/2017 19:32

I can tell hardly any difference, a bit of bruising round the eyes gone?


Whatsername17 · 26/07/2017 19:40

I had a card in my bounty pack offering a baby photo shoot with 'free editing to remove imperfections'. My baby was less than 5 hours old and already being told she wasn't perfect. Sad dd2 had little red pressure marks around her nose. It never occurred to me to edit them. She was and is perfect. The whole thing makes me angry.


EarlessToothlessVagabond · 26/07/2017 19:42

I have a young relative that posts photos of her 7 month old that are very obviously edited- eyes made bigger, lips pinker etc. It really makes me cringe.


Moomichi · 26/07/2017 19:55

My son had horrendous milk/hormone spots all over his face for a good few weeks after he was born. He looked like an acne covered teenager. That said I wouldn't have wanted airbrushed pics of him.


KaosReigns · 27/07/2017 14:43

I removed dry skin flakes from a photo of DD that I was having printed, but in the album it's au natural. Felt conflicted at the time but every time I see the picture I'm glad i did.


missiondecision · 27/07/2017 15:27

I don't want ... speak for yourself... none of my newborns were ugly.


kaytee87 · 27/07/2017 15:35

Hmmm I want to say yanbu but when I look at the pictures of my ds as a newborn it makes me a bit sad because his face was so badly bruised and swollen from the forceps. I wince when I look at them.


kaytee87 · 27/07/2017 15:37

Although the funny thing is I thought (and still think) he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever laid eyes on.


WellLetsSayHesSquare · 27/07/2017 20:02

A relative of ours had a professional shoot with the whole family. The photographer airbrushed out the child's birthmark! Without asking I might add.

When asked about it they said they assumed that's what they would want. Hmm

Little lady is just gorgeous as she is and her birthmark makes her who she is. I honestly thought it made her look odd.

Needless to say the pictures went unbought.


IWouldLikeToSeeTheseMangoes · 27/07/2017 20:36

The thing I find creepy is when people put snapchat filters on babies or young kids. (Or adults for that matter). Just looks fucking weird.

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