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Has someone put the evil eye on me?

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Mollypolly2610 · 26/07/2017 00:30

First AIBU so I am treading carefully. The other night I took out my earrings before I went to bed and dropped the back off one and it fell on the floor. It has completely disappeared and I can't find it anywhere.

I went to cook cauliflower cheese tonight and the cauliflower has overnight gone black mouldy.

The worst thing is that I am a list lover. I go out to the shops with 2 lists. One I call my forever list which has things on it that I really need for the house and myself but won't get in a supermarket and I just hope I can come across them somewhere and might visit the shops I need them from and I also carry my list for "today". I came home today and can't find the 2 shopping lists I am SURE I put them back in my handbag but they are just not there and I can't remember half the things off my forever list now as I have been compiling it for some time. Has someone put a jinx on me and can I live in hope that some mumsnetter will find my shopping lists and post them on here. Smile

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