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Daily Mail pick up - sexist clothes for kids

8 replies

milliemolliemou · 25/07/2017 21:52

Was this on here or has DM picked up something MN hasn't?

OP posts:
MrsOverTheRoad · 26/07/2017 04:07

MN has LONG moaned about gendred clothing. Are you new here? Confused

classPath · 26/07/2017 04:21

Some people (the more vocal) have moaned about "gendered clothing". most don't care.

Kate Land sounds like a prize cunt (or a very disappointing theme park).

MrsOverTheRoad · 26/07/2017 04:45

perth I think that's saying most don't care.

Where's your information to prove that?

araiwa · 26/07/2017 05:42

My jeans whistle at women passing my house and tells them to get back in the kitchen.

I hate sexist clothes

classPath · 26/07/2017 06:02

I have a survey of all women Hmm

Clearly anecdotal, based on my experience in life and reading MN threads.

You seem to confuse MN as a united entity (and one which can moan) and individual opinions.

Where is your information to prove that "MN has LONG moaned"? I think both of us have written tosh made unfounded, unsubstantiated and unqualified claims.

Sparklingbrook · 26/07/2017 06:30

On MN generally if someone sees an item of child's clothing in RL that they think isn't right they post it on here. Everyone goes ' no that's not right'. The End. Happens every few months.

Crunchymum · 26/07/2017 06:36

The "boys" top is short sleeved that is why is it cheaper. God the DM is fucking lazy journalism.

As for the tops, don't buy them. I have a boy and a girl and have manged to never buy crap like that that.

2gorgeousboys · 26/07/2017 06:48

Whilst I agree that some of the slogans on t shirts for both boys and girls can be frustrating (personally I hated slogans which refer boys to being messy and dirty as my two are definitely not but I just didn't buy them!) I did notice that these t shirts were a good selection of colours.

Also agree about the price difference being due to the additional fabric in the girls long sleeved version!

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