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Charlie Gard

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ilovegin112 · 24/07/2017 14:31

His parents have ended fight to take him to America

OP posts:
ilovegin112 · 24/07/2017 14:32

Sorry not really an Aibu

OP posts:
SunnySkiesSleepsintheMorning · 24/07/2017 14:32

I rarely say this but how inappropriate. Seriously! I know it's been in e news but this is a baby, someone's precious child.

pinkyflower · 24/07/2017 14:58

SunnySkiesSleepsintheMorning Yes its a baby, a precious little person with a very limited quality of life.

If you have ever been in a room with numerous doctors taking part in a discussion as to whether your child has a chance to live or die, you may see the other side of this particular coin.

SunnySkiesSleepsintheMorning · 24/07/2017 21:05

pinky you really have no right to make assumptions, you know nothing about me. How dare you?!
This thread is inappropriate for AIBU. It's not a debate to be picked or argued over. This is a child.

Sparklingbrook · 24/07/2017 21:10

If you go over to the 'In the News' topic on here you will find a long running thread (s) about all this.

It really isn't a thread for AIBU.

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