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Need advice!

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MCSx · 24/07/2017 09:56

I'm new to this so not sure how it works and I just want advice from other mums or maybe any who have been in similar sitiations!
My and my ex broke up after a awful few months.. he then started harassing me to which I had to get an injunction out on him. I then didn't hear from him or any of his family for 5 weeks.. ive told him to set his arrangments up legally to see my daughter because he could never stixk to what we arranged and he cancelled his child maintence. Now it's my daughter's birthday in 2 weeks and after 5 weeks his family are not in contact tryinf to see her.. but I'm saying no until her dad sorts his arrangments otherwise he will just see her when they have her. He's bad on drugs so im not even comfortable him having her. I was gonna set the arrangments up myself but thought why should i when he can go 5 weeks no contact to even see how she is. Am I wrong in doing this??

OP posts:
Dragonfree · 24/07/2017 11:47

I'm not sure this is the right area for this type of post. I think there are better areas where people with experience can give good advice. Maybe report your own post and asked for it to be moved?

As for your situation, I don't have much experience. However my advice would be not to prevent your DD's paternal grandparents from being involved in her life. Legally I don't think they have any rights to see her, so it's just through you or her father.

I can see why you might be saying "no" to try and make him formalise his contact, but if you're not happy with him seeing her, why push it? Can the grandparents / family nit come see your DD at your property? The your ex won't get a chance to also come unless you allow it.

ghostyslovesheets · 24/07/2017 11:50

if he's 'bad into drugs' surely it's better for him to see her with them present

I wouldn;t stop her seeing her grandparents because her dad is a twat to be honest

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