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Don't hum ...

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onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad · 23/07/2017 22:29

To ask you to not hum along to Art Garfunkel.
I went to see Art at the London Palladium. I get it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think he's a poet and his lyrics and voice mean a huge amount to me - partly due to my beautiful dearly departed (far too early) late sister.
Up in the stalls it was only 3/4 full - I had loads of space around me -I know all the lyrics but don't sing them out loud as no one wants to hear me - they want to hear him.
After the interval a woman who was on her own and had been sitting three seats away came and plonked herself right next to me. I wasn't too troubled - thought she just wanted to be close to another human - his words were very soulful but then she proceeded to hum and sing all the way through the second part. Grrrrrrrr... I didn't come here to hear you I came here to hear him.
Fine if we're all yelling along with Led Zeppelin but otherwise STFU.

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flickerty · 23/07/2017 22:40

Ughhhh that would have annoyed me too OP. I would've got up and moved giving them a side eye doo doo face st the same time.

Hope you enjoyed the performance anyway it sounds lovely

ScarletForYa · 23/07/2017 22:41

You should have moved!

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad · 23/07/2017 23:18

I should have moved you're right
.. I was too polite ...... or stupid.
Anyway I'm home now and Cathy's Song is on my brain ...
I've got over annoying woman.

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