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Campsite noise

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millionsofpeaches · 22/07/2017 22:27

Am I being unreasonable? What time is OK for a large group of people (celebrating a 40th birthday) to be playing loud music and singing raucously on a "family" campsite on a Saturday night? Am I being a miserable so and so? Oh good grief now they're howling, literally!

Supposedly no large groups are allowed and it's billed as a quiet, extremely rural site. Sigh. I probably am being unreasonable, but I wish they would just stfu!

OP posts:
LakieLady · 22/07/2017 22:32

Most campsites have a time when "unnecessary" noise should stop, usually 11pm or thereabouts.

If the site has this rule, and an onsite owner/manager, they should come out and tell them to stfu. I've been on sites where noisy people have been told to shut up or leave in the past.

It's very antisocial imo.

comedycentral · 22/07/2017 22:33

It's usually 10.30 or 11 on most sites. There should be a caretaker somewhere on site to complain too. It's annoying and anti-social.

LoniceraJaponica · 22/07/2017 22:33

That is one of the very many reasons we don't go camping.

Rhubarbtart9 · 22/07/2017 22:35

Call the manager. If it's billed as a quiet campsite, then it should be quiet 10pm.

OhYouBadBadKitten · 22/07/2017 22:38

we stopped camping for this reason :( European campsites tend to be better usually but uk campsites are so unpredictable.

I hope they settle down soon.

sonjadog · 22/07/2017 22:38

This is the hazard of camping on campsites. I´m afraid there isn´t anything to do about it. Buy some ear plugs tomorrow.

musicposy · 22/07/2017 22:40

Usually 11pm, but I always make my teens calm down after about 9 because I remember how desperate I used to get when they were young and others were making a din.

If it's a camping and caravanning club site and they are still being rowdy after 11 the site managers will very nicely ask them to STFU if you don't fancy approaching them yourself.

I did once ask a group who were still playing guitar and having a loud sing song at gone midnight if they could keep it down a bit. Surprisingly they were very apologetic and did! So you could always try asking nicely. But I'd give it half an hour more first.

millionsofpeaches · 22/07/2017 22:40

We've called the phone number annoy answer, but left a message. They have toned down the music, but still outside loud talking and laughing, bottles clinking etc.

We actually came to the same site last year and it was so peaceful. Middle of nowhere. I guess we were lucky. Sad

OP posts:
musicposy · 22/07/2017 22:51

Send your OH to Speak to them yourself if you don't get any joy and they are still going on after much longer. Hopefully if you explain you're really tired/ have DCs trying to sleep, and it comes across as a friendly request, they'll be reasonable. I think some people just get carried away with having fun and forget that noise on a campsite carries across the whole place and into every nearby unit.

We are camping from Tuesday so this advice may come back to haunt me! Hope you get it sorted.

Sushi123 · 22/07/2017 22:54

I'm sure they'll tone it down if you ask them, but they're there for fun...let it go

lucydogz · 22/07/2017 23:53

once some people have had a drink or two, they some to lose any awareness of how much noise they're making (either that or they're selfish tossers). I'm sure campsites have become much noisier in the last decade, and this is why now go in caravaning (where everybody watches TV in their vans in the evening and the site is like a ghost town - equally weird but less annoying).
I would wait til they've finally gone to bed and cut all their guy ropes.

isittheholidaysyet · 22/07/2017 23:56

I'd say 11pm is the normal rule?

brasty · 22/07/2017 23:56

Most sites it is 11pm. It was not 11pm when you posted, so hopefully they are now quiet.

lucydogz · 22/07/2017 23:59

and/or get up very early tomorrow morning and return the favour.

brasty · 23/07/2017 00:10

Or maybe just stick to the times the campsite say people should be quiet, and noise is okay?

Yukbuck · 23/07/2017 00:18

11 would be the time I would say. And I'd give it a bit of here or there with it being a holiday.

littlemissneela · 23/07/2017 00:22

You need the warden we had at a campsite last year. Bang on 11pm, we were just chatting (though admittedly one of us has a booming voice), and were told to keep it down. Only 4 adults, and the one child with us was fast asleep. Wouldn't have minded but they had a no noise before 8am and we were woken at 5 or 6am by the kids in a tent the next pitch over.
Keep phoning the number. They might go and chat to the group tomorrow and save you a sleepless night then.

honeyroar · 23/07/2017 00:30

Oh god, we had that once on a "noise free" rural campsite. We ended up surrounded by several tents/caravans all on a group trip, who proceeded to set up a 50" tv screen in an awning so they could all sit round and roar at a football match. It was awful. Less than a mile away there was another campsite without noise regulations and with an onsite clubhouse. They'd have been more suited there, God knows why they chose the quiet site.

brasty · 23/07/2017 00:37

littlremissneela The OP was posting here about the noise before 11pm. She has not posted since. I suspect the noise stopped at 11pm and they are all fast asleep

millionsofpeaches · 23/07/2017 14:37

Ffs, I keep trying to post and the internet keeps dropping out and I lose my post.

brasty sadly your assumption was incorrect. The music wasn't turned off until 11.30 and the drunken laughing and chatting lasted until well after midnight.

This morning we realised that the tent outside which they were holding g the party wasn't even being used to sleep in, it was solely set up as a party area with electric hook up, gazebo and fire pit.

We asked the warden this morning what the policy is on curfews and noise and he said 11ish, which I'm pretty sure is not what it says on the website. (Which, BTW, is a complete work of fiction) He is as a bit sheepish when we mentioned the late noise and, to me at least, it's obvious that the group had paid for a party area and the management were fully aware of what was going to happen.

What pisses me off the most is that the group watched us pitch our tent, could see we had small children, and despite there being a whole empty field where we could have moved to, they didn't have the courtesy to let us know their intentions.

A lot of the group have left, but the party tent remains up, so I am seriously hoping there isn't a rerun this evening.

Coffee and sugar are my friends today!

OP posts:
MaroonPencil · 23/07/2017 14:40

they're there for fun...let it go

People always say this about neighbours making tons of noise in the evening in the gardens as well. I can never really see why someone's desire for fun trumps someone else's desire for sleep.

MrsHathaway · 23/07/2017 14:52

At a recent camp people were chatting drunkenly until 2.30. I was sobbing with exhausted fury. They thought they were being quiet Confused

Thing is, "quiet" when there's walls/roof/glass windows between you and other people is not the same as "quiet" when there's only a couple of millimetres of cloth between you. Sites advertise quiet/curfew times as both a promise and a threat.

SealSong · 23/07/2017 15:29

Oh I hate this. I had this one time camping in the Lakes. Pitched our tent on a quiet, spacious field with loads of room. Went out for the day. Came back to find a large group had camped right next to us and were intent on BBQing, strumming (badly) guitars and loud talking/shouting until the small hours.
At 2 am I couldn't stand it any longer and in a fit of temper packed the tent up and drove off the campsite! (Which was a very satisfying thing to do in that moment, but not so much half an hour later when it dawned on us that we would now have to sleep in the car or drive home. We drove home).

You have my sympathies OP and I hope you have a peaceful night tonight.

HipsterHunter · 23/07/2017 16:03

Very annoying.

I always take my iPod so I can listen to an audio book to block out other noise.

millionsofpeaches · 23/07/2017 20:06

Looks like they're up for another party tonight, loads of people in the party area. Why can't they just all congregate outside they're caravans on the main site? Probably because that wouldn't be tolerated, but on the camping field we're fair game.

I am not going to let it go this evening. Wish me luck.

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