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To hide all day, or sunbathe naked in back garden.

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Beelzebop · 22/07/2017 12:54

I am not a very confident type and a bit sensitive sometimes which doesn't help this. My neighbours are setting up a party next door. I feel embarrassed as I haven't been invited. Pathetic I know, but we know them well, they came to stuff like our wedding and most of my family will be going. I hate the thought of them all boogying away, yes they have lights and dj lol, and seeing me, Sat there on my own. I want to hide.

OP posts:
ChasedByBees · 22/07/2017 13:20

How come your family are going to your next door neighbours party?

WonderLime · 22/07/2017 13:20

Is it perhaps a family party? Party for one of the children, etc?

Poke your head over the fence and ask what the occasion is. They may well offer you an invite and you'll have a great time.

Or they won't, so you spend the evening playing naked swingball with your DP. Wink

WonderLime · 22/07/2017 13:21

Oh, missed that your family are going to! Maybe they just assume you've been invited and haven't thought any more about it?

Beelzebop · 22/07/2017 22:25

Im sorry I'm seeming mardy about it. It's still on, lights dj etc. My cousin is her cousin if that makes sense. Sometimes get a bit tired of trying and not getting anywhere with regard to friends. X

OP posts:
Beelzebop · 23/07/2017 00:32

They are still going! Drum and bass, but not good stuff. Learn from their mistakes kids! No more Mrs Helpful neighbour from me! All they needed to do was invite us, we wouldn't necessarily have stayed long etc and then I wouldn't mind so much.

OP posts:
MyKingdomForBrie · 23/07/2017 00:36

Well they sound like arseholes really, to be honest. I know it's hard but would you really want to be liked by arseholes?? Of course they should have invited you as they've attended your events. It's not an obligation but it would have been the nice thing to do. They didn't do it, therefore (unless there's a valid reason) they're not nice.

So strike them off, and move on. Don't invite them to anything again.

Beelzebop · 23/07/2017 00:38

Mykingdom, I know you're right. I'm trying to remove this inbuilt desire to be liked which is refusing to die off.

OP posts:
MyKingdomForBrie · 23/07/2017 00:48

I think nearly everyone likes to be liked, that's totally normal. Being 'left out' and feel rejected is a horrible feeling. All you can do though is protect yourself from it by pretending not to care until enough time has passed that you really don't care - the hurt will fade in the end. Focus on ways to meet entirely new people and just smile politely and wave as you walk past the ex friends.

Keeping your dignity will help you feel better.

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