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Period pains..

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userrandomnumbers · 22/07/2017 10:33

I am in agony. What if anything can I do?

Have taken ibuprofen and paracetamol, literally made no difference. Have a hot water bottle which is slightly soothing, but isn't doing much for the pain.

Ugh. Am mid 40s and I think probably peri menopausal. Have loads i need to get done today but am currently lying in bed bemoaning my fate. And running to the loo every 90mins to change sanpro.

The menopause would be a blessed relief if it could start right now!

OP posts:
GlitterGlue · 22/07/2017 10:37

Poor thing. Can you get some cocodermol? Hot bath?

Ask a pharmacist but I think you can take a larger dose of ibruprofen if needed?

humblesims · 22/07/2017 10:44

You could take something like Paramol or the ibupofen equivilant (cant remember what its called). I think they are a bit stronger and have codeine. Yes perimenopausal periods are really shit. See the GP and they will help. Flowers

caffeinestream · 22/07/2017 10:45

Have you tried co-codamol?

BzyB · 22/07/2017 10:49

Mine have been awful since having dd3 but not sure how they compare to peri menopause...
anyway, walking and hot baths are my only relief ( codiene makes me woozy)
I also find I tend to be constipated so a ton of water and a gentle laxative also helps.

VestalVirgin · 22/07/2017 10:56

Does exercise help? I haven't had many painful periods, but when I did, I felt walking around helped a bit, at least for distraction.

I'd also recommend magnesium if it is at all possible you have a slight deficiency.

If it has gotten worse with perimenopause, it could be your hormone levels, so something that balances those might help, long-term.

Polkadotties · 22/07/2017 11:01

You will probably feel better on Monday but if you can get a doctors appointment ask for mefenamic acid. It's the only thing that touched my period pain when I used to get it badly

ThanksForAllTheFish · 22/07/2017 11:11

My Dr prescribed me Mefenamic acid (for the pain) and Tranexamic acid (for heavy flow) for my heavy, painful periods. It has made the world of difference. I know you can buy Tranexamic acid OTC at boots but Mefenamic is prescription only.

It might be worth a try with the Tranexamic acid as it should stop you having to change every 90 mins.

I would book to see the Dr about your periods. I put it off for ages but I'm so glad I did end up going to see her eventually - you shouldn't need to change your san pro every 90 mins - that's a problem. (As a side note I was anemic as a result of long very heavy periods so also had to take iron tablets)

Ginlovinglady · 22/07/2017 11:11

Feminax, but it might be psychosomatic
Stretching, yoga Pilates moves really help.
Helps not to tense up

japonicaleaf · 22/07/2017 11:13

Cocodomol all the way. The stronger the better!

Nothing else does it for me.

Spudlet · 22/07/2017 11:14

For the future, try Feminax with naproxen (there are two types so make sure it's the naproxen one) the very moment you get the first twinge. You can get it OTC. Only thing that helped me, pre-DC.

For now, have all my sympathy, a nice warm drink, feet up, and try to breathe slowly through it and not tense up. Much like early labour in fact, which is how mine were.

caffeinestream · 22/07/2017 12:06

I recommended Cocodamol, but lots of people can't take it. I have to alternate ibuprofen/paracetamol when mine are bad (I have endometriosis), and use hot water bottles but even then it doesn't get rid of the pain completely.

It sucks. I know so many people who have "bad periods" when all it takes to make them feel better is two ibuprofen and waiting 20 minutes...I wish!

ticketytock1 · 22/07/2017 12:08

Buscopan IBS relief tablets are really good for period pains

punicorn · 22/07/2017 12:20

I was prescribed Tranexamic acid earlier this year and it does make a difference to the flow. I have to take 2 tablets 3 times a day, but I find I only really need it for a 24 hour stretch at the beginning of my period (which is 5 am today to 5 am tomorrow in my case!). Female GP really just gave me the impression I should just down tablets and put up with it. Thanks love Angry. You have my sympathy - like you I have loads to do today (supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow) but just can't get motivated. My bladder is much weaker during my period so I may as well just set up camp in the bathroom. Roll on menopause I say! I am 48

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser · 22/07/2017 12:25

You could try co-codamol, and also ibuprofen taken before the pain starts (only works if you can accurately predict it though), I find that stops the pain reaching a peak IYSWIM.

I would definitely make a GP appointment though, there is no use suffering through it when there are things that can be done.

caffeinestream · 22/07/2017 12:28

And I agree with a PP who said take ibuprofen before you come on.

If you're regular, or know your symptoms accurately enough to know when you're due, start taking ibuprofen 24-48 hours beforehand. It lightens the flow and definitely reduces the pain.

My handbag looks like I've raided a pharmacy for about a week a month but it's worth it to not be in agonising pain for 2-3 days!

Schroedingerscatagain · 22/07/2017 12:52

Although it won't help this month, try taking magnesium. Low levels are linked to painful periods

HansSolo22 · 22/07/2017 12:54

Buscopan IBS is the only thing that helps me. You can take with paracetamol too so you get the pain relief from both.

userrandomnumbers · 22/07/2017 13:11

Thanks everyone ☺

I remembered i have some codeine (prescribed for an unrelated issue) so took one if them, which has made me a bit sleepy but at least taken the edge off pain. And due another dose of ibuprofen/ paracetamol soon.

I've been to my GP a couple of times before about periods - at that time they weren't as bad as this in terms of pain, but went on on for months. Both times GP gave me tranexamic acid which stopped it completely. Fantastic...except the next period I had after that was hellish both times. Think fist sized clots, probably worse pain than i had today, feeling weak all the time. So i really would rather avoid that again.

I am 45, my mum was 'done' with the menopause before 50 so I am hoping i haven't got too much longer.

Exercise btw definitely helps but it's such a heavy period that anything other than sitting or lying makes me feel my insides are dropping out (sorry tmi!)

Am hoping the flow and the pain lessens a bit by tomorrow as I've got a christening to go to first thing.

OP posts:
amber90 · 22/07/2017 14:52

God I am hearing you just now :(

I usually find soluble co-codamol tablets work a bit faster than the regular stuff with some ibuprofen the edge is taken off a bit but nothing else really works for me apart from a bit of weed from my boyfriend if it gets unbearable though obviously this isnt for everyone.
Someone suggested CBD oil to me but I haven't researched this enough or tried it.
I really hope you feel better xx

peachgreen · 22/07/2017 15:35

When I had the copper coil my periods were ridiculous. I would soak through a super plus tampon AND a night time pad within an hour and the pain would have be writhing on the floor in agony. Brr. Anyway, I had transexamic acid and mefanamic acid and they definitely helped. The trick with any anti-inflammatory is to take it before you start feeling much pain and then keep taking it regularly throughout. So whatever you use (ibuprofen, naproxen, mefanamic acid) take it as soon as you feel the slightest niggle and then just keep going. It reduces the blood flow as well as the inflammation and therefore reduces the pain - they're better as prevention than cure.

A chemist friend told me this and it was so effective. (Though I still had the coil taken out as my periods had taken over my life - 15 days long and at least 5 of those involved genuine white-faced sweaty agonising cramps!)

userrandomnumbers · 23/07/2017 08:22

Am no better today, actually maybe pain is a little less but flow still ridiculous. Leaked on my clean bedding 😭 Now need to get myself out to do a 45 min drive to christening...will need to find a loo asap when i arrive.

This is horrible.

OP posts:
punicorn · 24/07/2017 19:33

Flowers Definitely see your GP again. Tranexamic acid is really worth another try-keep the dosage up during your heavy days. Sorry to say your condition is probably quite normal for your age Sad

TowerRavenSeven · 24/07/2017 19:38

Are you sure you are not pregnant? I felt this was and I was miscarrying. Good luck to you.

HappyUnicorn · 24/07/2017 20:15

A lovely lady I know had this problem and had an 'endometrial ablation' - no more periods but still has ovaries and uterus - it has made such a difference to her life. Maybe see what GP says about this procedure?

userrandomnumbers · 24/07/2017 20:34

No chance of an appointment with my GP for 3 weeks unfortunately.

Definitely not pregnant, just a really crappy period.

I've been told because of my age they probably wouldn't do anything beyond medication (although as mentioned I'm a bit wary about tranexamic acid). At this point I'm thinking I'll be glad when menopause is over!

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