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To ask how you achieve not being a downtrodden, knackered and generally pissed off single mum?

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ferriswheel · 21/07/2017 22:46

Just that. I have 3 pre school children, no money but career possibilities, and am too tired for words. Am as fat as a house. Am in a bad mood all of the time. Please, any tips?

OP posts:

TheSockGoblin · 21/07/2017 23:16

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time. Single mum to three preschoolers is tough.

My suggestion would be to figure out which of the problems you have listed is getting you down the most? If you had to pick one issue which would it be?


Squirmy65ghyg · 22/07/2017 16:21

Sleep makes all the difference. How much do you get? Am a LP to my DS. It's so hard.


rightknockered · 22/07/2017 16:47

I'm a single parent. When my youngest was pre-school, I was literally going out of my mind at one point. He's autistic and it was crazy making. My thing is to get out of the house, even if it takes all my effort to get dressed. Leave the house a mess, leave everything and just get out. By the time you get back you'll feel so much better xx

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