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Judgy re UV vests / getting a suntan?

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PoppyPopcorn · 21/07/2017 16:29

We're currently on holiday in America. It's very hot and the sun is very strong. We're all very pale skinned, freckles and fair hair. We're all wearing long sleeved UV tops in the pool, beach and at the water parks. Have heard a variety of "look at those crazy people in their tops" comments and had more than a few odd looks.

Even before we left my mum was raising eyebrows at us buying UV tops for adults, she is very much of the opinion that if you're somewhere hot it's practically compulsory to get a tan, or how would neighbours, friends or the woman in Tesco know you'd been away?Hmm

Getting a tan isn't even on my radar on holiday - dare say I'll go home with more freckles than I came with but I'm not actively trying.... no desire to end up like some of the battered old bits of leather I've seen lying by the pool.

OP posts:
kmc1111 · 22/07/2017 06:58

I wouldn't bother with UV vests as an adult unless you're literally in the water all day swimming-surfing. For kids yes, as you don't want them jumping in water with heavy layers on.

Around a pool or water park factor 50 and a thick kaftan or long shorts and t-shirt is better protection and looks much less odd.

beingsunny · 22/07/2017 07:18

Adults and kids alike here wear them, Su cream is full of chemicals which aren't good for you.
I do happen to live by the beach so go almost everyday.

MrsPicklesonSmythe · 22/07/2017 08:38

I've never seen an adult wear a UV top before my kids wear them though. I burn with everything except p20.
If you really have to wear a kaftan or something that makes you look a bit less odd.

BeALert · 22/07/2017 19:54

My American husband wears a UV top at the beach/pool, on the advice of his dermatologist...

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