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to be alarmed at the lack of hair?

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manglethedangle · 21/07/2017 15:21

Watching naked attraction (I know, I know) and like 90% of the women have no pubic hair AT ALL. I'm all for your body hair your choice, but I just think it's a bit sad that it's become such the norm.

In stark contrast, on Wednesday I went out for brunch and a woman had denim shorts on that were so short, it was obvious she had a full bush. She was young too, 18/19, so clearly it isn't just the age of the contestants.

Personally I'm happy with trimmed, but each to their own.

OP posts:
CherryChasingDotMuncher · 21/07/2017 15:22

They must have told them to shave (and I know a woman who says you go on the show with a days notice) as when they zoom in the poor girls have stubble rash 😬

Fairylea · 21/07/2017 15:25

I guess it depends who they've asked. I wouldn't be surprised if that figure was correct though. I don't know why people feel worried about people shaving or not. I think it's just personal choice.

ADsBadAccent · 21/07/2017 15:28

I watched this once, and it annoyed me SO much. Not because they were hairless, I don't care, it's their body. But because the male contestant 'choosing' the woman said he didn't like hair down there because he had a bad experience once. The bad experience was he put his hand in a woman's knickers and she was hairy Hmm what the fuck, fair enough having a preference but he found hair where it's natural and it was a bad experience?! The worst part was the presenters expression was very "eurgh" and didn't even point out that it's fairly normal..

TearsOnTheGround · 21/07/2017 15:28

It's no different then shaving your armpit hair or legs imo. It's all vanity shaving whether it's arms/legs/fanjo so I don't see what is "sad" about it becoming the norm.

Babycham1979 · 21/07/2017 15:32

Outrageous, I tell you! I was in East London this morning, and at least 40% of the men I passed had freshly shaven faces!

It can only be due to perverse media images, pressurising them to try to look like pre-pubescent boys! I mean, what's wrong with a thick, natural face-bush. As God intended?! I blame pornification.

DoomGloomAndKaboom · 21/07/2017 16:19

Maybe the sort of attention seeking exhibitionist who goes on that show is the sort of person to strip themselves of all pubic hair?

So maybe it's only representative of the LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MEMEMEMMEEEEEEEEE type of dullard.

AssassinatedBeauty · 21/07/2017 16:23

I find it surprising that they nearly all feel the need to do it, whatever their reasons are. I hope that no young woman or man feels pressurized to conform to this new norm if it's not something they want to do.

ForalltheSaints · 26/07/2017 19:29

Go to any spas abroad where nudity in the sauna is Ok at least, and you will find most women are like this, regardless of age.

ApocalypseNowt · 26/07/2017 19:32

Aw I'm so naive.

I thought this thread was going to be about a little girl baby with a bald head....

caffeinestream · 26/07/2017 19:32

I don't get the outrage on here over this. So what if people shave their pubic hair? It's no different to shaving your legs, pits, or if you're weblike, back, sack and crack!

It's just personal preference.

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