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Depression, anxiety, fluoxetine and the roller coasters...

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cjt110 · 21/07/2017 14:39

I am just wondering if anyone else can relate or am I just some weird fucking individual?

I've had depression for many long years. I've been on various meds but have been on fluoxetine for some goo few months now which has seemed to help.

Every now and then I seem to get extremely fixated on things. To the point it rules me, upsets me and angers me. I can't see the wood for the trees kind of scenario. Feel extremely low. Very numb. Feel like my world is falling in.

I spill my guts and tell someone about it, perhaps a cry then I feel ok....

What is this? Hormones? Meds? Wizzardry?

OP posts:
Hefzi · 21/07/2017 14:40

That's part of depression for me - perhaps your meds need a tweak?

Banderwassnatched · 21/07/2017 14:44

All the time, but I have OCD. I once cried because something bad almost happened to me and I thought that it kight have happened to another me in a parallel universe.

cjt110 · 21/07/2017 14:48

Its almost once I've spilled my guts it's like "WTAF was that about?" and I laugh at myself.

Can I just increase my fluoxetine or do I need to see m GP who is a pain the arse to get into?

OP posts:
HulaHoop12 · 21/07/2017 14:49

Also have OCD and yes, sounds familiar. CBT helped me - not a miracle cure but gives you tools to cope when you're feeling as you describe. It's grim, I really sympathise Flowers

Rossigigi · 21/07/2017 14:52

Don't increase without the GP saying so

Hefzi · 21/07/2017 14:53

As PP have said, OP, you need the GP - sorry Flowers

cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:00

Its so tough. I can deal with it but it's my husband who suffers with it because I become so irrational about things.

I'm due some CBT but it's been on referral for an absolute age.

OP posts:
cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:01

Darn. OK. I'll try and get in and see them

OP posts:
chipscheeseandcurrysauce · 21/07/2017 15:19

Oh yes. Fluoxetine (or Prozac) is like that... I don't take them anymore!

pinkyflower · 21/07/2017 15:24

you would need to see the GP to ask about an increase, some will really -be an arse and not let- dissuade you, one doctor asked me if i really was feeling as bad as I described because I didn't flinch at a suggestion of changing my dosage (apparently it is normal to not want a higher dose) but she obvs hadn't seen how long I had been on them and that I knew how I felt enough to know whats not working!!

I can recommend CBT and Mindfulness, or do a quick youtube search for guided meditation... just something to break the thought cycle and help you to relax

cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:24

I've been on citalopram and they became like taking smarties. Changed to sertraline and my god, I was horrid. Actually made me feel suicidal and not give a flying fuck. These seem the most bearable.

Just chased up my CBT. Apparently I'm still on a waiting list.

OP posts:
cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:26

pinkyflower I must say my GP is usually pretty good. I've had depression and anxiety since 2009. Been on stress courses and mindfulness courses via IAPT. It's always been me who has instigated any change in meds guided by their advice.

Oh yes. Fluoxetine (or Prozac) is like that... is there a reason why and can I alleviate it any way?

OP posts:
usersos · 21/07/2017 15:28

What does are you on?

usersos · 21/07/2017 15:28

Sorry meant dose!

cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:28

Usersos IIRC 20mg. Just one tablet.

OP posts:
cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:29

YY - 20mg. Just checked my prescription online.

OP posts:
cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:30

First available bookable appt with GP is 30th Aug.

Otherwise it's call at 7.30 on the day and hope they have an appointment left

OP posts:
Lana1234 · 21/07/2017 15:32

I can relate completely. Diagnosed depression and severe anxiety. I get something stuck in my mind and then literally can't stop thinking about it, it drives me mad. I had an absolutely awful time on fluoxetine but it's different for different people. I had an awful time on everything I've tried so far. If you feel they are taking the edge off slightly but not enough then absolutely go to the GP and explain that. Hopefully you get some help with CBT as well as that is something that has helped me, I've learnt better coping mechanisms for when I'm feeling on edge. Wishing you luck anyway Flowers

usersos · 21/07/2017 15:34

That is a tiny dose....make appt with dr to request increase......

I'm on venlafaxine for my depression/anxiety after trying all the ones you have been on ....

They've been a fucking brilliant! X

cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:35

Thank you Lana Its almost like one second I'm rock bottom then the next not a care in the world.

I will try and get an appointment next week I think. These don't occur often but when they do I'm horrid.

OP posts:
cjt110 · 21/07/2017 15:36

usersos Are those SSRIs? I'm just worried I'm exhausting all my options... Sad They proper wigged my out when I first went on the fluoxetine. I ended up on propanalol because of palpitations. Even though I'd been on 2 SSRIs before....

OP posts:
usersos · 21/07/2017 15:41

Yes it it for more info

Prozac made me even more "raj" and teary so I've found one that suits me

It would be normal procedure though to up what you're on first though.......good luck x

chipscheeseandcurrysauce · 21/07/2017 15:49

I was on 20mg to start with... made an appt with my previous doctors, told them they made me feel awful and made my depression worse and what did they do? Upped the dosage to 40mg, which didn't really help at all. So I came off them myself... this thread has just reminded me that I need to book an appointment on Monday to discuss other tablets!

cjt110 · 21/07/2017 16:01

I've just messaged my husband for an objective vie and think its worth a visit to the GP.

I'm feeling a little reckless too. Like I want to get shit faced and drunk and just not give a toss anymore Sad

OP posts:
Polkadotties · 21/07/2017 16:04

I am on 40mg of fluoxetine. I'm pretty stable most of the month apart from the day before my period. I cope with it knowing it's just one day and when I wake up the next day I will fee fine. I am on the verge of tears most of that day though

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