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Christening favours

43 replies

RedSkySuperStar · 20/07/2017 15:05

Shamelessly posting for traffic Blush we are having out DS christened soon but not having an after party and I feel a bit guilty about not putting anything on for guests. I would like to give guests a small favour to say thank you for coming but struggling for ideas! Has anyone got any good ones? Thanks Smile

OP posts:
selly24 · 20/07/2017 15:11

What is your. Per person budget and how many people will be coming. Adults? Children?

Groupie123 · 20/07/2017 16:22

How many people? 5 people at my neice's christening & we all got gold crosses.

SpiritedLondon · 20/07/2017 16:37

Please don't do this.... it is completely unnecessary and creates an expectation among other new parents that this is a " thing" that they need to do. If you're going to do it then I would personally get some packets of bee friendly wild flower seeds so you are at least potentially doing something positive - but most of my friends have gardens. No doubt there is someone willing to personalise them somewhere. ( but just as a note no-one other than your immediate family will care enough to want a momento IMO).

BunloafAndCrumpets · 20/07/2017 16:41

We had cake in the church after DDs christening which was nice. The church usually meet for tea after the service anyway so we just brought some cake to share. Didn't cost much and was nice to spend time with the people that had travelled to us.

Re favours: I wouldn't either as not sure what would be appropriate. I did get a nice thank you card from a christening once which included a nice group photo of everyone there, which I thought was a good memento. Hope you have a great day.

Kintan · 20/07/2017 16:43

Last one I went to gave a cupcake to each departing guest.

2014newme · 20/07/2017 16:44

Can you even do tea and cake after?

ZenNudist · 20/07/2017 16:46

Not the point of a christening. Next it will be christening party bags

Tea and cake at the church is lovely idea. If thry have the space for it.

SweetLuck · 20/07/2017 16:50

Cake after would be fine, but nobody (other than maybe your parents Grin ) will care enough about this christening to want a favour.

EdithWeston · 20/07/2017 16:50

I don't think favours wouid be expected. But if you want to do something, then tea and cake and fizz in the church hall afterwards really is enough. If you want to give them something, then how about a prayer card (vicar can probably supply, in return for a donation).

Ellisandra · 20/07/2017 16:55

I think turning it into a favour-fest is pretty tacky and cheapens a very significant ritual.
They get to be a part of your celebration of your child belonging to your religion - that should be though without a bag of sugared almonds to throw away after.

I know it's coming from a good place and you want to do something nice - but please, nice doesn't mean commercialising everything.

Ginslinger · 20/07/2017 16:59

I agree with tea and cake - a glass of fizz if you can afford but tea and cake is plenty.

Floggingmolly · 20/07/2017 17:01

No, don't do this. It's an awful idea, frankly... Why not spend the money on some food for the guests which they probably WILL be expecting?

Pixie2015 · 20/07/2017 17:01

Cake and coffee with congregation ๐ŸŽ‚

liquidrevolution · 20/07/2017 17:06

I wouldn't bother. Most of what you buy/make will be left behind anyhow.

I sent a thank you card with DD in her christening gown to everyone who came to DDs Christening and it also served as a thank you card for her gifts.

CoraPirbright · 20/07/2017 17:06

Someone who knows will be along in a minute to correct me but dont they do sugared almonds on the continent? So how about little bags of those as a parting gift?

Paddington68 · 20/07/2017 17:07

If the christening is part of a church service the congregation usually have tea after. If it is stand alone, and not part of a service, go to the pub.

Queenioqueenio · 20/07/2017 17:08

Favours are really not necessary. A drink and bite to eat is usually very welcome

2014newme · 20/07/2017 17:08

Nobody wants sugared almonds! Regardless of what they do "on the continent" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Floggingmolly · 20/07/2017 17:13

It would be quite crass to stand at the church doors dispensing goodie bags. Sugared almonds? Confused
Feed your guests, op. With food, not sweets...

FrancisCrawford · 20/07/2017 17:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

early30smum · 20/07/2017 17:17

Really not necessary and a bit tacky IMO I would do tea and cake afterwards instead if you can.

KellyMarieTunstall2 · 20/07/2017 17:21

We had tea after the church service and took croissants and pastries for everyone including the congregation. Christening favours isn't something I've heard of or would expect.


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donquixotedelamancha · 20/07/2017 17:25

When/how/why would you give favours?

If change your mind and have a party afterwards, then providing food will be plenty.

If you are just giving them out at the church then I think its going to be odd and a bit awkward. Just make a point of trying to have a chat with everyone.

Redsippycup · 20/07/2017 17:29

I love sugared almonds.

steppedonlego · 20/07/2017 17:30

I did christening favours. I had a buffet in the loca family friendly pub afterwards and hung up some bunting with roses on it, so made some little rose shaped soaps, popped then in little cello bags and left them on the end of the table, they all went and people seemed to like them.

I found one on the table later when tidying up with a bite taken out of it though Grin

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