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To think this is being badly handled by the hotel

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Peopleplease · 20/07/2017 11:04

We have booked 2 nights in a hotel next month. It's our third time staying in this particular hotel - we like it because it's quite child friendly and despite being a five star hotel isn't that expensive. We always book a suite - there are only 8 and they're on the third floor (this is relevant)

Yesterday DH emailed the hotel to request a cot & camp bed (previous years we've just put DD1 in the bed with us but this year we have the baby too and thought we'd try the bed). He got a phone call fairly quickly to say children were no longer permitted on the third floor as all the suites had been renovated!! The woman who called offered a refund as the hotel is now fully booked.

I went on Facebook messenger to ask for clarification of the policy as it's mentioned no where online. Someone replied to say they'd look into it.

I had to message again today as no one got back to me. Today they said that it wasn't the case that children aren't allowed and to send them
my details so they could call me to sort it.

That was 2 hours ago. I just want to get this sorted.

AIBU to think they should be slightly more proactive here??

OP posts:
toosexyforyahshirt · 20/07/2017 11:06

So the issue is less than 24 hours old? I think you should actually give them a chance to deal with it.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut · 20/07/2017 11:06

Why haven't you just called them?

HarrietKettleWasHere · 20/07/2017 11:08

I think give them a chance tbh. There could have been a staff handover in that time.

Give them the opportunity to be proactive.

Allthewaves · 20/07/2017 11:12

Give them chance. And why didn't u request this stuff when u booked?

Peopleplease · 20/07/2017 11:17

The problem is it's August, a lot of hotels are now fully booked. I need to know if I should be looking for a different hotel because we keep getting different messages.

OP posts:
ScarletSienna · 20/07/2017 11:18

I would call them.

KidLorneRoll · 20/07/2017 11:24

Er, just phone them?

araiwa · 20/07/2017 11:30

Maybe theyre waiting for management to sort it or clarify

IloveBanff · 20/07/2017 11:34

Phone and ask to speak to the management.

SapphireStrange · 20/07/2017 11:40

Phone and point out how last-minute and confusing this all is and how time-pressured you are given the time of year.

Ask for a manager and don't go away until you're put on the line to one.

unfortunateevents · 20/07/2017 11:41

Good grief, give them a chance. You now possibly have three different people working on this for you and all you are doing is slowing things down! If no-one gets back to you by end of today, call them.

Mulledwine1 · 20/07/2017 11:43

When you booked the stay did you make it clear that you would have child and baby?

If so you have a contract for the 4 of you which they will have to honour.

A simple refund won't cut it. if you contract to provide a service, you provide it, you can't change your policy after the event.

But it all depends if they knew at the outset you were taking kids.

BeepBeepMOVE · 20/07/2017 12:00

Why are you contacting them via two different methods, stick to one written chain or call them like a normal person!

Hotel staff do shifts, likely they are waiting for the person DH emailed yesterday to come back on shift and continue communication. You going via another method is just going to confuse everyone.

scottishdiem · 20/07/2017 12:22

Um. Call them if you think its urgent enough to post on social media and then complain here when they are not skipping to your tune straight away.

Yes, they seem confused and thats why a call will offer certainty. Some hotel chains have centralised booking where they may not have the most up-to-date, on the ground information.

KanyeWesticle · 20/07/2017 12:25

Call them.

Piffpaffpoff · 20/07/2017 12:26

There's nothing to stop you investigating alternatives and what's available while you wait to hear from them. Doing that will give you an idea if it's going to cost you more to rebook somewhere else, which you will obviously be trying to claim from them if they cancel your booking.

GeekyWombat · 20/07/2017 12:27

Ring them?

Mulberry72 · 20/07/2017 13:05

Phone them, that's the easiest option!

Why didn't you request the camp bed & cot when you booked?

FrancisCrawford · 20/07/2017 13:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

melj1213 · 20/07/2017 13:52

The issue is less than 24 hours old, give them bloody chance!

Yes it's frustrating that it's taking a while but it's a business, they have other things going on and will be working on your issue in relation to its priority - which tbh is hardly an emergency.

If they haven't got back to you by the end of today then you can get annoyed and you should call them and get it sorted directly.

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