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To be fed up of problem after problem..

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missmove38 · 20/07/2017 10:53

Rant warning!
Not one day goes by that seems the slightest bit easy at the moment and I'm wearing thin.

My car breaks down regularly and is bankrupting me..I can't change it as the finance won't allow I feel stuck

Subsequently due to my car I've had a hire car twice..once I forgot to add fuel..that was fine..I probably used about £2 but they took £15..I got charged pick up and drop off which i didn't know and it cost me more than I earnt in costs! I've just checked my bank.they've taken another 2 payments on top..totalling £63..they cant tell me why as they have no record? It will take 10-14 days to look into?

My gas and electricity smart meter is broken, I will get home to no power.. I've spent weeks and weeks trying to resolve. My fridge/freezer was off for 6 hrs a couple of days ago..stuff went off..everything takes 10+ days to look in to.

I've fallen out with my sister..nothing new but don't need the lack of support so have gone quiet.

Works..hard! I'd love to change my job but have no skills

I have 2 cats who malt massively..I seem to clean 24/7 to keep on top of it.

My hairdryer blew up this morning..

I have 2 demanding children..I feel exhausted!!

Moan over!!

OP posts:

araiwa · 20/07/2017 10:56

When youre going through hell, keep going

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